Discussions on Fleet Automation

From another thread…

Well I think we should have the ability to create complex automation… something like this.

Navigate to Planet x at warp 3
Pickup exactly 1,000,000 tonnes of Farsu
Navigate to location x,y at warp 3
Navigate to location x2,y2, at warp 3
Navigate to Planet y at warp 5
Dropoff exactly 500,000 tonnes of Farsu
Pickup exactly 1,000,000 tonnes of Beron
Navigate to planet z at warp 3
Dropoff All Cargo
Navigate to Planet y at warp 5
Navigate to location x2,y2, at warp 3
Navigate to location x,y at warp 3

So actions are Navigate, Pickup, Dropoff, and Repeat.

Other actions for other automation could encompass Deploy Minefield, Guard (duration), Repair, Re-Arm, Trade (duration), Cloak, Deploy cloak detection, Spy Plus anything you can reasonable do…

Guard might have options to intercept only small fleets or pirates
Trade might be where you have agreed to trade with player x, someone has to bring goods somewhere rather than magic… So Navigate to location x, wait for the trade to be completed upto e.g. 4 days then return to location y.
So let say you deploy cloak detection. then Spy… (spy will send yoou emails of approaching ships including the cloaks you can now see) - maybe the option to spy is for a duration… then youor script can repeat…

So in full it might be

Navigate to Planet y
Pickup max fuel
Navigate to Planet x at warp 3
Deploy CD
Spy 8 Hrs

So it will in effect not have to move and keep spying until run out of Fuel… then CD will fail triggering the OnFail Part, where it navigates to planet x, gets fuel and restarts the script… this should provide a constant automation of spying or patrolling if you like…

Errors inside OnFail exit the script…

This can be perfect for minelaying and defense in general, even just movement of ships to “look busy”

This is what I want… With the abikity to create this as a text file out of game and be able to import it and have it execute against 1 or more fleets if I want… something like the fleet management screen… button to add orders… then import file… and upload a text file… validate it and then a buttoon to “execute orders”…

@joe @loopzilla

Do it guys!!! :smiley:

Happy work with the devs on a language, a guide for it… anything… I pretty sure loopzilla can write an interpreters for the language, track the position in the script, delays etc and map that to back end actions similar to the requests that the websocket server would get from the client…

i think if the action is possible on the client… then the same action should be scriptable…

Things maybe too tricky would be switching flagships… but who knows…

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Add {System name} #“Explore” to the (no doubt long) list of possible automation’s for me :slight_smile:

Once you’ve explored a system manually once its really not fun to do it again and again and…

But it shouldn’t be over hard for a ship to bounce from planet to planet pause for a few seconds in each orbit and record the surface scan stats yes?

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See, I always consider it a trade of time for money.
You use automation to make the game take less real time play without disadvantaging those players over the ones who have lots of time and no money.

It is a fine balance.

But in the end you can fund the game using this trade off if done correctly without having to resort to a sub-model.