Diplomacy at a distance

There is no diplomacy w/o privacy.

This player is constantly encountering WAR fleets owned by players whose nearest colony must be more than 150 l.y. distant as those players do not appear on scan.

How do two such players conduct diplomacy ?

The player should show up on your chat scan. Make contact, write him there. Determine if the two of you get along, possibly create an alliance or determine if he belongs to one. Suggest a treaty if the two of you are compatible.

ty Puma. The chat screen is public, available for all to know. The in game private chat only affords comms with scanned players.

If he’s not showing up in private chat, then he’s out of range. If you know the spelling of his name, you could propose him a treaty to open communication channels privately.

Build an unarmed scout ship, write a public note, attach it to the scout, and park the scout in open space. Include your name on discord, or an email address, or whatever other method you prefer to use to chat.

Or just tell him to stop killing you, and go from there.

ty Puma. 1.07 should help w assailants name.

ty Teeo. wow, what tedious rigamarol.

Keep in mind we played before NAPs were a thing, or direct communications for that matter… so we had to come up with ways.

I haven’t seen anyone new for weeks

Sometimes, thats a good thing, but it’s also a fault of the type of game this is. Everyone has more or less permanent locations and the only way to meet new ppl is to fly there.

Let me rephrase that. I did see new players but they are all abandoned non active empires or dead worlds.

I think a lot of players have left the game.