Developer's Intent

One thing that I have been thinking about since day one and reading in the forums about is what is the intent for us from the developers? Yeah we could play all day long and recommend suggestions that we think will be fulhelp but if it is not in line with what the developers are trying to do with the game then it is all wasted time. By knowing what the intent for us is, we will be able to act within that intent and streamline information to the developers instead of coming up with a bunch of BS that they do not want to hear. Maybe it is the Marine in me wanting the information but I think it could help us all as we are helping make this game what it will eventually be. @joe can you help us get this information please?


Maxim 53. The intel you’ve got is never the intel you want.

Completely agree. I realise they is busy but the old DEV diaries seem to have dropped off of late and some specific guidance is always appreciated. I don’[t mind theory-crafting all day long but also dislike wasting my efforts on a non starter :slight_smile: