Dev Diary #8 - Merging & Splitting



Got let out early. Ordered kebabs n pizza. And now a mega diary. Happy days…



Love the first steps to creating fleets faster and taking ships you don’t like out. Glad to see that! :grinning:



Could we get a rough estimate of when this is coming out? But as always thanks for the weekly updates.



Looking back, we did things back to front with forming fleets. It should have been possible to form fleets from a higher level to begin with, and only then adding in the ability to zoom in and take more control over tactical positioning…

I wouldn’t worry about this @mel as its just meant the fleets work well from the ground up, we’ve been able to experiment on a fleet positional level from the get go as this has been the most efficient way of doing it thus far. I can see newer players that start with this feature enabled taking a while to realise that ships within a fleet can (& should) be individually positioned. I hope that’s slated for the Tutorial!

This addion in next patch is very welcome but of automation will go a long way to help assemble fleets though. I do hope you’re following the I hate making fleets thread closely. Some good ideas in there that would add this very useful addition Methinks :slight_smile: