Dev Diary #7 - Players & Goals



The weekend has arrived… thank you @mel

I’m a @mel until you make me a @loopzilla (All hail Loopzilla God of WAR)…

And my name DeicidE (dei-cide) - the god killer… beware!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

  • the act of killing a divine being or a symbolic substitute of such a being
  • the killer or destroyer of a god

That planet looks sensational… great job…



I feel like i’m a Smarty Pants because I can spend hours thinking about right ship combos and tactics to find the best possible way around the enemy. If that takes Hours,Days,Or years then let it be so. I always loved thinking about these things especially in BD.



interesting subject

i myself i would say i am a competitive killer

i like to reach high ranks, and then destroy all who isnt my ally/friend



I’d say I’m an architect and tinkerer. I build bunkers and fortify my area, making alterations where appropriate, while building up primany, secondary and alternate armies with backup plans waiting for someone else to start a fight.

In VC, I rarely refit a single ship and never salvaged one because it would mean I would eventually end up with an armada that even if I never won a fight, it would take a long time to kill all my ships.



Interesting division of types:

Explorer/Socializer here but as Mel said we can and should be all of them from time to time. But thats my default I guess :slight_smile: Battle wise I tend to be defensive and pick my fights with care.

Oh yeah: “Where does Rulez Lawyer” fit in…? (Clue: in a Black hole)



I have done all of the above at one point or another.

The planets look really nice, each picture a different one, really adds some depth, and second I noticed 2 different kinds of asteroids within a system, that is also interesting.

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Agreed all looks like its heading in the right direction. But where is the ;farmer’ category??



What about Care Bears category too?