Dev Diary #3 - Denizens of the Galaxy



Arrgh you post Just as I am about to leave for home!!!

Good Job from my breif look now adieu till I survive Trafficaroid dodging…



Would Minor Fractions would eventually evolve into their own NPC empire? Or have Their Own Ships that Orbit their planet if they are hostle. That be a big undertaking to have that level of AI and planning I think.

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So a species that eats humans probably wouldnt bother too much with robots, so they would naturally help the synth vs invaders and prevent everyone else from colonizing?

I’d like to see the zerg and protoss but I would imagine blizzard would be upset lol

As ive stated previously, I would like to see an amphibious race. I would imagine they’d be weak but reproduce very quickly as they lay lots of eggs. I believe most amphibious races have a hard time with different temperature ranges.

Also, if minor races had their own ships and buildings… :star2::star2::star2::star2::star2:

I think it would be cool if minor races had buildings and ships that could be built on planets they occupy. An aggressive race might have faster engines with more powerful weapons while a more reserved race might prefer stronger weapons and armor. Their buildings may reflect their traits as well. A more inteligent race may have better science facilities while a more hostile race may have better military buildings.

I’m not sure if this would be the best way to represent a minor races affects on your colony because you would have to design ships specifically for each sub race. An alternative would be to have the sub-race give bonuses to certain aspects of the ships but I’m not fully sure I like this idea either.



You make the beginning of the weekend doubly glorious @mel. Alf ehh fair play fond memories of that show lol. Asteroids look superb.



Nice job guys!

I have the same question as Death456, if they will have their own empires or not, and if yes can we make use of them somehow

My alien would be… Um… Remember the Predator movie… Those would be epic haha

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Minor Race - Cool that each have their own ecology/biology, their own minor abilities as well. I would like to see them also protect their planets with ships depending on if they have technology.

On the scanners, I would love to see a scale from 0 to 3 for minor species,

0 - They are tribal. This will either mean that they will try to kill us, or integrate easily.
1 - They are post industrial. The plant has a lot of pollution that needs to be cleaned, however the species will integrate easily, however they might also have minor negatives (likely siphoning off credits or resources).
2 - They are space faring. This means that they are at a stage of science, minor pollution rates, however they are as easily integrated, and friendship must be bought (this can be done if you meet certain techs that they are looking for, or if you provided need resources for their advanced/integration) OR you can destroy them through conquest.
3 - They are Advanced. These minor factions have actually explore their solar system, you might find 2+ colonies of this minor faction spread out among its planets. They have a token space force, and are the hardest to integrate with. They require diplomatic tech, as well as pre-requisite tech, before they will allow integration. If not they will attack you, and should have minor defenses (like maybe 1 small defense platform on the planet, and 2-3 fleets of Tier 1 ships).

All minor factions, the thing that makes them minor is the fact that none of them have discovered Warp Technology.

I think that the 12 races planned are good enough for now, however, with minor factions…

I would love to see Elves, Dwarves, Halflings, Amphibians, a tiny mischievous race (goblins or koblod like), Crow-like race, Fungus Race, Dragons, Four armed race, a giant race, Spiders, Methane, Silicon, or Hydrogen based life forms (kind of like Air, Fire, Earth, and Water elementals). You get the gist lol.

I think a lot of life forms we find will be the dominate species on that planet. Thus we could find Dragons have developed on some planets, and they basically try and eat your face off. Or maybe Silicon based Earth people developed and are AMAZING at mining for you, and slew up slots for you to build something else on the planet.

Besides seeing these types of things, I would also like to see political/government/social structures. Basically each minor faction has a certain type of social structure that impacts integration. Maybe you force them to integrate or you live peacefully with them on the same planet?

Last, I think that when you do these, you should make these guys fairly rare, like they would be a great find, but they are finite. So if someone kills them off, thats it, they killed off an entire species within that galaxy. I would say:

You need around 100 species.
They need a technological rating.
They need a single special ability.
Temp, growth, planetary stats.
Their integration level needs to be set, and all the parameters around that.
They need a society assigned to them.

All of these factors can help determine whomever finds them what they will do with them. They could find some peace loving advanced space Elves that are prepared to integrate, and they give you access to a cool new scout skin. Or maybe you find Tribal Amphibians, who show you how to use flora to survive underwater allowing a larger population. Maybe you find big dumb giants that just want to eat you, and can’t be easily integrated.

All of these are cool cool things.

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Love the idea, I do have a question though. What is the plan if a 3rd race tries to take control of a planet? How will this be handled?



More to the point in the case of a particularly bellicose race they SHOULD attempt to seize our planets the moment we step out of line with them :slight_smile:

Obviously this risk should be balanced by a significant advantage of having them on our side: but even so it would make life much more interesting!



that would be interesting… a race that required a living sacrifice/incubator of some form or a race that was a mind controlling parasite (stargate SG1)…