Dev Diary #29 – Rebalancing


At a glance I do like the rebalancing thus far but I wonder if it won’t create a much wider power gap between veterans and newcomers. Also I’ll throw it out there yet again that the best way to curb snowball growths is with upkeeps and other ongoing expenses (credit and resource).


Changes look solid! Its certainly a big step in the right direction!

The buff to harpy scanners is quite nice.

Regarding the Mines and possible changes, even T1 Mines should be able to deep mine so casual players will always have some resources available when they log back in.

Currently its very challenging to get resources in the early game and very easy in the lategame, however it should be the other way round. It needs to be easy for everyone to get a certain amount of resources but if i want to get double or tripple the normal income of an empire, i should invest much more time and effort.

Therefor Deep Mines need to have some sort of softcap, maybe based on density (every deep mine reduces the density of a resource by 1) or increase the power consumption cost of T3 Mines to 100 MWt instead of 10 MWt.

Asteroids should play a much bigger role as an alternative to normal planetary mining, so maybe change the fixed amount of resources for Asteroids to a density value with an infinite amount.

Also another suggestion from a different player that sounds very intersting:


“and one of my idea is have Zyril to be finite (no deep mines of Zyril) that makes collecting wreckage more important. and this game need more facilitations to have something over which players struggle each other”

So why not have different Mining Rates for the different resources, e.g. just 50% T3 Deep Mine income for Zyril compared to the other resources.

Another part that needs some overhaul regarding resource income: Raiding, it takes twice as long to raid a planet than to glass it… something wrong here, just change the raiding timer to 5min and we are good. This will also encourage the use of Guard Defense Fleets.


Increasing the power station production rate reduces the required overhead of power stations, reducing the usefulness of zonikloids to the skregons level. Beyond that, looks good.

So now it’s super costly for syntis to hit max colonies as they are tied to the massively more expensive government building.

Syntis need a buff to their tax rate.

“Costly” is a broad term, when a Syntis player can reach the amount of planets that take 2 months for bios within 7 days. Its a much needed nerf to the insane Syntis expansion early game.

There are only two aspects that stop Syntis from being an insanely broken overpowerd faction massivly stronger than everyone else and those two aspects are the limited fleet capacity and the credit income rate. Most good Syntis player can overcome the Tax issue by using secondary species, so a base tax increase has to be carefully evaluated to not strenghen Syntis too much.

Maybe increase the base Syntis tax to 50% but also set every other tax of secondary species to 50% aswell, or add a happiness penalty to bio races when the main species is Syntis “-2 Happiness Slaves of Warmachines”

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Given that you can’t upgrade entertainment centers for Syntis, there’s already a penalty for having organics with Syntis. Given the hit on max population for Syntis as well, they are barely worth having unless you can get their tax rate up. Right now it’s organics that can help Syntis compete with organics, credit wise. No need to give them anymore hits on their ability to compete.

They are hardly over powered given their planet and fleet caps. Especially fleet caps, they can’t compete with an organic in that aspect. With the increased credit costs for structure upgrades, they need a buff to taxes to have the ability to upgrade pretty much anything. I was thinking 45% as a reasonable buff to taxes.

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I like most of the changes, however I think you over did it with the Gov’t building, especially where Syntis are concerned. Please do an analysis of Syntis vs organics with respect to the amount of credits they are holding. I hope you are measuring it off the Main2 galaxy as well, not ATD. ATD is pretty much at end game for all the players in the game, vs Main2 might still have a few that haven’t finished the research.

I like what you did with the planetary scanners, especially Harpy, makes them very worthwhile to have now.

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Can add in syntis fleet caps as well to look into again. The new guard fleets hider syntis more then organics.


The syntis “fleet capacity” is quite often missleading as you cannot simply compare syntis fleet capacity with bios.

Their T1 Destroyer is twice as good as any other bio Destroyer except for the Stallion.
Their T2 Destroyer is unrivaled.
Their Cruiser deal twice the planet damage than any other Cruiser.
Their Freighters can transport twice as many resources as any other bio freighter.

Therefor Syntis quite often need only half the amount of certain fleets to get the same result as bios.

Syntis are borderline broken and people should not cry for Syntis buffs whenever they can. In fact, they need massive nerfs to make them en par with all the other species.

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I disagree with you on their T2 destroyer, the PR destroyer is far superior to the T2 Syntis destroyer. Their overall strength with respect to planetary damage wraps around their ability to repair themselves, so I’d agree they are superior in that regard. I’d rank them #2 in their ability in a one on one war, #1 at planetary conquest. And of course #1 at freight carrying.

However, if they can’t gain the necessary credits to build said ships, they now rank #5.

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I think the pros and cons of each faction should depend more on dynamic situations.
So it is relatively nonsense that arguing whether the features of factions totally(universally) balanced or not
So I like something like the armor modules of mankind and snithereal, shields of Ripchee.
I hope this kind of feature and another downsides introduced many more in order to make players motivate to play many times as different factions.
And also those more pros and cons features facilitate players joining to alliances much more.

(Sorry for abstract post, without any practicable suggestion)

Balancing races would be a less heated issue if player empires were given options to obtain and apply all races with meaningful complications and trade-offs.


I don’t really see the difference with this patch. If anything it makes expansion less necessary due to needing less pops to operate more powerful industries.

Also, that buff to harpy sensors detecting cloaked ships, well… if cloaking on ATD wasn’t near obsolete late game before it certainly will be now, that in my opinion might be the final nail in Ripchee’s coffin.

The farm change sounds rather bad… unless the multi race farms are getting buffed too? Because if they arn’t your basically telling us we need to trade planets again…

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I understand the need to increase the costs at higher level but doing this without doing something about bombing, where you need 50 ODS at minimum to have some protection when offline, losing colonies to bombing will be even more devastating and likely leading to more people to quit.

Guard fleets, although a nice start, does very little to discourage a high level bombing fleet from bombing a planet into rubble within a few hours, on Awaken server.

Agreed. Cloaking was only useful as it was not so easy to run cloak detections everywhere. Now it will be next to useless. And what is the range of these harpy cloak detection. It better not be the max range as that will reveal remote cloaking fleets too and that is way too powerful.

hmmm but what is a reasonable/quick way to fix this for the server starting this week? What if we made ods stronger, and made invasions actually possible?..

Because i really don’t want the server to become needing 100 bombardment fleets + 50 war fleets to take 1 planet, because it was horrible in the last server (and basically hoping the other person is offline so you can bombard every one of their planets in a few hrs)

You dont need 100 bombardment fleets. To take an offline player´s planet you need to have as many 3000+ hp tanks as half the amount of ODS. Add 20 bombardment fleets to that and that is enough to annhiliate 99% of planets out there. When offline.

I had atleast three people quit on me when I bombed a few of their planets. Now that planets will cost even more, that is not making things better.

Imo bombing should either been taken away from the game or take much, much longer than it does now. Maybe find a solution that both makes bombing harder and at the same time not require 50+ ODS for offline protection.

the people playing the last server where online like 24x7. You couldn’t hit their 100+ ods when they where offline, and once there was 3 minutes left in the bombardment 25 fully armed war fleets pop out. Everything about this is horrible game play mechanics.

Im also with you bombardment should be removed from the game, until it gets reworked because it + ods + short window does not work. Which is why i recommend making troop invasions possible by drastically increasing how many troops a ship/fleet can invade with. Because weakling bombardment isnt an option unless invasions become possible