Dev Diary #27 - Player profiles sneak peek

Hi everyone, latest dev diary is up. It’s a preview of the player profiles designs. And there’s a new patch coming at the start of next week!


Good work, but not I fancy what the player base was hoping for. Certainly nothing here to tempt me back into playing.

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As far as player profiles go its a nice looking design.

One can hope that image isnt a troll :smiley: and we will be able to colonise and keep significantly more planets than a mere 36… or so… 88 would be a welcome boost… and the ability to have at least 5 or 6 fleets per planet…

I think its just toooo low currently… and I would favour rebooting A3 into A4 with these changes in place… A3 is over for me as it give no freedom.

I sadly note that you say neither alliances or profile pieces have had significant work so far… Would you have any indication of when we can plan for Beta (feels like a year away at least) or even release… (2 years at a guess)


its all bright and shiny. i do like it, but i dont think now was the time to do it.

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Sadly I suspect this will be like the dumb scoreboard in the last Galaxy where you got points every time you colonised, and again if you left the colony die and re colonised the same planet…

Given whats been dubbed the “Locust Technique” discussed of late; 88 is perfectly do able, with the players empire stuck at <36 and 50 odd burned out worlds in a neat little ring around them.

But assuming its not another huge mistake maybe it is light at the end of a very dark tunnel of over simplifying and restriction? We shall see…

EDIT: My Bad the achievement is clearly designed to represent all the planets you have EVER colonised over however many Games you have participated in. As such its a meaningless statistic. Why? Because in a fast fight Galaxy its tough to get & keep more worlds, In a Big slow and under populated Galaxy is far easier, so this badge simply will reflect play style not any kind of achievement. And if a achievement it tied to it it will serve to put a notch of pressure on folks to play a game other than their preferred style just to get the award. Which is irritating.

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I would have much preferred work on implementing some sort of alliance features which would be way more useful than resources spent on making shiny new badges. Hopefully at some point we focus on the more important features over this spoofing up chores.

Going to assume they need to have player profiles done to implement improved chat and that would be tied into alliance communications. Need all the little parts done to complete the bigger goal of tying everything together. Just a few devs doing allot of work will take awhile.


checks notes, reads diary

No friend/foe code?




I’m assuming that will be part of the alliance features.

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Colossal FAIL if it isn’t :smiley:

Would be kind of hard for alliances to work well without it lol.