Dev Diary #22 – A big week ahead


Sounds great! I have a few cargo fleets and when im sending them around alot i would forget which one i put the cargo in so i would have to go back to planet view find the fleet and make sure. Now i shouldnt have to do that.

New fleet tool tip pop up looks great. The other additions look promising as well.

I’m liking everything, but what’s this mean?

Just more bug fixes?

think I am going to love the revamped fleet tooltip

The new ship tool tips look great, the only thing i might like as a possible addition would be a tally of how many of each ship class are in the fleet AND/OR an optional small note section so you can remind yourself of a particular fleets capabilities/role without having to go into the fleet and figure out exactly which hulls/configurations you’ve got. Also curious if it’s now going to be possible to select a ship if they are both on the same trajectory so you can’t pick the lines apart. Again typically requires me to zoom in somewhere to select one fleet and stop it so i can then go and select the fleet i was trying to get at in the first place. At least in my case i’m unable to select fleets if more then one ship is in transit and they are on the exact same path of travel.

I like the new tool tip, really big time saver. So excited for this patch to come out.

Looks great an excited to try the new features… really looking forward to the stuck ship in planet coding opportunity being resolved!

Looking interesting. Still is this an actual screen grab or a mock up of the new tool tips please.
I ask because I admit I can see no sense in the Fuel readouts. How can 20 Olzine out of 10K be 81% of fleet fuel capacity?
If its a mock up no problem but if a screen grab something may not be reporting stats correctly?