Dev Diary #21 - Trade mechanics for fleets and planets



This would only let us help other players. Pretty much the player interactions we have been asking for.



In general I dislike both features. This will only go to help the large alliances, not the average newcomer.

I appreciate that you aren’t allowing ships to be traded outside of their race, but this will not give any incentive for new players within an alliance to develop themselves if they can just get fleets and planets all ready to go from another player.

This is almost forcing people to join an alliance as soon as they join the game in order to be competitive.

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Virtually pointless features. I am dissapointed that time has been spent on them at this stage. Oh well, at least now we can hope they are going to move onto stuff we’ve asked for more recently and more vehemently…

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With both of these options available in game, this will become a way for any new player to “buy” their way into the game with real cash. I play a game now that allows new players to obtain top tier fleets on day one when they join the game. It costs real world money to do so, it is a pay to win game. This will set up the same possibility so easily for money to be traded outside of the game to buy ready made planets and ready made fleets and boom here I am playing the game as if I had been playing for months. Yes they can’t build the ships, but they can just “buy” more. Don’t like it, this is pay to win in my book.



I was hooked and nodding pretty happy with it… until you said “Both players must be playing the same civ e.g. a Mankind player can only transfer a fleet to another Mankind player.”

Honestly… whats the point… I can make my race’s ships… and you called it a tribute ship… cant f tribute to a diff race…

Let me tell you how many people of the same race I have within 100 LY… NONE!!!

Sorry I cant like this blog due to that…



If they are lucky and spawn into the same space… what odds you will be in the same area given that upon spawning in 3 weeks later than the other player… K2SO would say thats “low… very low”

Sorry your argument is full of holes

You need to read less fiction books, though joke aside, It will sort of happen anyway with selling steam accounts regardless and is far better for the buyer…

You have to accept that will happen… but thats the rub of MMO, buy an account to get a spy into an Alliance…

EDIT: Typo corrections courtesy of Teeo



Until the spawning algorithm is fixed or new players are allowed to join nearby friends, I don’t see this as a useful addition to the game. I’m pleased that you are restricting trade of fleets between players of the same civ, our coalition is diversified, so that part doesn’t bother me and it keeps the integrity of the different civ’s in tact. The points raised by Atreides does concern me though.



Well if they aren’t lucky, then what’s the point of this addition then? To be beside people of your same race and in the game as long as you have been why would you bother trading lol.

And I have other games on my Steam account besides this one, so it’s highly doubtful it’s going anywhere anytime soon.



Agreed 900% (Teeo fix my math)

Lol, seasoned MMO gamers know not to put games on their main Facebook account, just in case they want to sell it… This is MMO territory… Gotta think differently… unfortunately…

Unless caps are relaxed massively then ALTing will happen… and now I have that bad feeling about MMO’s again… 100% of your game time needs to be absorbed in 1 account… sigh…



This quote is also a bit strange…

“Implementing a fleet transfer mechanic that enabled a player to transfer a fleet to another player of a different civ could have far-reaching consequences. It could bring an interesting twist, but it’s more likely it would lead to issues with balance.”

Don’t you mean that ship/weapon/armour balancing issues almost disappear?.. everyone can have any ship… therefore no balance issue?.. Then you can go balance the races with much less effort…

Market forces will rule, I mean currently it will take me a year to flesh out all my fleets… so I dont see people selling/gifting all they have…

and @joe surely you want to test it out in Alpha 3… if then 100 people shout and scream then Alpha 4 you can turn it off…



Looks like everything I was curious about was addressed sufficiency. Game is still looking like an alt account users dream though.

Looking forward to testing out what I can, planet trades for sure.

Could use a way to turn minefields on and off as well. But it probably on a to do list.

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"Minefields are all turned off for you… "


Sometime later…

(boom) "why did you annihilate my fleet… "

Admiral Ackbar replies… “ITS A TRAP…” lol

Can see some interesting foreplay here… lets do it… :smiley:

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Safe minefield passage might.always have that risk.



haha booting someone from your alliance, defriending… love it!!!

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Guess one question wasn’t asked or answered.

If I give a new player a tier 2 or 3 freighter will they start spawning equivalent pirates?



Pirates are determined by overall strength. As you wipe a player off the map, their pirates decrease in strength.

I have mixed feelings about most of what was mentioned and hope we will be slowly open up the ability to aquire other race’s ships ans tech. I think we all need to understand that this topic has a lot to talk about and while the devs may need us go test these early features, the game may not be ready for full implementation. We also kinda blew up the forums with concerns that may have given the devs reason to hold back a bit and i appreciate that.



Really? I observed them to arrive very predictably as my first T2 then T3 ships rolled off the shipyards. Was that your observation too @WarMongers ?

Again if we are not told what the algorithm is we are but guessing.

And testers that have to Guess if its WAI are crippled.



My pirates increased as soon as I finished the Tech for T2 or T3, well before I had built ships.



Yeah I’m trying to remember if it was Tech research or blueprint research that trigger the Pirates to get stronger. But I’d still like it answered if having a higher-tier ship given to you would also trigger it.

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