Dev Diary #20 - Addressing usability issues



So are we going to be able to break up and utilize individual races ships in mixed fleets? So a syntis player can get a ripcheese cloak to move 11 T55 around hidden?

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If its a “War Prize” then yeah I’m good with it if its a straight swap/purchase than we may as well abandon the idea of races now as whatever the current “Meta” is, folks will trade ships and stuff like Pokemon coz its easier than fighting for them…



Ability to trade for Colony ships? Loaded troop transports? Cargo fleets all loaded. Some peculiar scenarios.

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Giving a planet to someone 4000ly away would be an interesting way to let people group up a little bit. …



Overall, without knowing more details, I am very concerned with “both” changes, giving away ships and planets. We need to know more details, the information given is much too brief.

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With respect to new player usability, I like the changes to the tech tree, more information would help a lot. With regards to planets however, there is not a chance that a planet with 400k Ripchee isn’t owned by a player. You could include just the fact that the planet is colonized without saying by who.

I don’t care for the idea of identifying the owner without requiring the planet to first be scouted. Knowing that it is colonized should be enough information to either deter it from being further scouted or encourage a player who wants to take a colonized planet to risk their ships by entering the system to proceed with scouting and a possible invasion.

Once alliance features are in place, it would be good for an allied member to be able to see that the planet is owned by a member of their alliance, but I think all other planets should remain nameless unless scouted.



There better be a way to deny being sent anything. Giving 20 planets to an organic player that is maxed out already would be quite devastating to his happiness.




Killing with kindness huh I like it

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What if any player has plans for what they intend to take, there must be a way for all players to deny acceptance of a planet. Syntis don’t deal with corruption, but we have caps. Players could give away a bunch of 4k planets to an enemy Syntis lol. Could be just as bad. Or worse yet, give us a bunch of organics that we can’t keep happy.

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Which leads to how long will the “Gift” be live and who gets the benefits or penalties for it while it is being offered but not yet accepted?

A player may "gift " me something i wasn’t quite ready to accept for example or the gift option might be a way to park worlds if they enter a limbo state while being offered as gift. So until accepted they are fully the worlds of the gifting player I hope.

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In general we need much more information than was given. PLEASE PLEASE don’t implement either until you inform us better of what’s to be included.



I would guess its exactly like that. including cargo, colonists and troops… AND planets…

There are going to be so so so many bugs coming out of this… but… better test it now and then add trade into it… because trade will kind of be like give… except you want cash in return…



I don’t disagree, but what are we testing? We don’t know enough.



I am wondering at what the possibility that players can now be BULLIED Into giving up worlds by the threat of mass invasion I wonder…

My gut is getting butterflies about this mechanic. Could be a Trolls Charter…

One other thing @joe is it right to assume you have emailed ALL players that are no longer playing in A3 and asked for their feed back on what made them quit yes? If not why not?

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Well they 99% balanced the game with this… and opened up the idea of extreme racial traits which anyone can have…



Then why bother with different races if we are all the same and have the same capabilities.



So true. Still the skill of playing an given race is a joy to work within their limits and minimise their weaknesses with clever play and not just “borrowing the best” is a thing.

Lets see how it pans out. No use worrying when we have not seen it yet I guess :slight_smile:



Another question - what about new players who just have a T1 SY. Can they now buy dreadnaughts that would otherwise require you to have a T4 SY and all the tech for the weapons that will be on the ship you “buy” - because that is what it will be. Why bother with tech if this is possible?



I think you meant “bullied” :slight_smile:

But it gives a player a way to save themselves, swap 5 planets with another alliance and give them 20… footholds…

possibilities are far far reaching