Dev Diary #19 – Where is everyone?



I like the idea… and so long at the segment is pretty random then cool…

Not sure how the alliance features will work or friending etc… so a couple of things… it might be nice for them to be able to form an alliance/coalitions or at least add each other as friends and learn the game together… This is fundamentally important as an MMO… I made life long friends from meeting players close by and adding them as friends/allies… literally in the first week of playing… Happened in Evony server 32/45 (Element-5, Hawkeye, Drow, Bigguns)… oh the days, Galaxy Online 2 S5 to S1… (Spartans, Imperial Legion, Angels and Demons, Sleeping Forest, Renegades), Beyond Dark/Outscape… (Covenant of the Phoenix… took a bit longer to find a real family) …I bet hundreds of MMO players will have similar stories… ok guess I forgot the second thing… it might come back to me…

@joe we could do with a teaser on how alliances/friends will work… you’ve opened pandoras box… now let us in… Give us an insight in to the chat system too…




Really awesome blog, really awesome function for new and old players alike.

I would recommend letting us know just how far the radar goes out, so we don’t overlook the players. Other than that looks really cool and awesome.



SF is dead… Long live SF…

The good thing about go2 is it showed many of us who can be trusted and who are the thieves.

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Dont understand what that means and my Maletiz just activated…

And yes SF died when the greatest of us left :stuck_out_tongue:



SF was a revolving door of players who lost merge wars. It slowly died between every merge. IGG caught on and didn’t feed the monster that was S01 for years and it ate itself waiting for that last merge… Ndm, Oubsy, Cookie, Lelo, Kilik, Senti and Fish loved to kill players off then recrute. No new recruiting for years really killed SF. And Maletiz had so many counters. Leo was the true hero in merge wars. -1. -1 -1.



Leo effect and the reflected damage… pop pop pop what a time to be alive…



@joe excellent addition to the game :smiley:



i do not feel this gives away too much intel. The player would still need to scout all the systems in that direction and in the early stages that can litterally take a week, giving the other player plenty of time to decide what to do.



Well tried this tonight.

I see that there is no no chance of being reinforced by friends or sharing planets without the whole neighbourhood knowing about it.

Another Tactic is thus flushed down the tubes!

Assuming anyone’s listening: might i suggest this pestilent scanner just detects HOME WORLDS assuming its not consigned to the trash where it belongs that is.



@mel @joe I’ll pm a screen shot but I just tried the scanner and it scans from a planet 75-100ly from my home system that I colonized long ago. And the results seem to be from this system as well so that’s a bug?

And yes it does pu colonized worlds not just home worlds in the scans. @Zathabar

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Is the homeworld still “active”? Even if not in use? I also noticed my scanner was based on my HW, not where I was looking from, even though I have a system there. My HW is also active. I posted and advised them to clarify the wiki if it is strictly based on the HW location. There is no mechanic to identify which system you are viewing the information from.

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Still have my homeworld, but it was so small it was not worth developing and none of the planets in that system were any good either. Seems the game thinks my biggest planet is the homeworld now.

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The scan was made not from the colony I was on when I clicked, neither from my HW but from a world that could be the geographical center of my southern area, but not from my whole territory. I could not find a way to select the planet the scan was originated from.
How is it selected? Anyway I guess the tool is supposed to help in the starting period, so few colonies and close, so they planet of origin of the scan would not mind.
Regarding the technical aspects it works, and gave the name and direction of those neighbours precisely enough.



@joe @mel Let us in on the secret, seems none of us know where the selection originates. Seems different for each of us.

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Good catch. My Home world and my largest pop world are next door to each other and I hadn’t noticed this.

But yes the scan comes from the world with the highest Population it seems. Still its a bad idea if it detects more than home worlds as it is essentially a security fence based from an arbitrary point in your empire that prevents players slowly encroaching on you or (Heaven forbid a Tactic!) making secret beach head worlds in preparation to invade…

Likewise if you have friendlies invited in to the area - by alliance maybe or just in game friends their presence is now trumpeted to the Galaxy destroying any Tactical advantage the pair of you may have laboured to achieve.

I don’t see the need for the scanner in the first place. But this early implementation of it gives far too much away in my opinion. The more “easy mode” you throw into this game the lower its enduring interest you will have, and that will hurt profitability in the long (or the short!) run.

Best thing about it is the overlay that gives a yard stick on distances. Now THAT has been asked for (in game compass/measure) a few times, and this shows how it might be done . But the scanning function: nope non starter as it is.

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yeah i’d like some measureing tools and such. perhaps the ability to draw on my map even?



Apologies for the confusion! The scan is performed from the player’s planet with the largest population.

It was originally announced on the dev diary post as originating from the home planet. But as that planet could be lost, basing it from the largest population ensures it will always work from somewhere. It was mentioned on the wiki, but should be mentioned on the control itself in the game to avoid confusion - we’ll add something.



Very Good logic there :+1:

Still if we’re going to go down that route mightn’ it be better if we at some point get the ability to “designate” our desired capitals? You couldn’t move them at the drop of a hat o avoid abuse certainly but as it stands the worlds we use to produce drop troopers or have dedicated to high industry are going to be selected as opposed to where it actually makes sense…



Essentially the scanner location can be manipulated by removing population. Or adding as long as we can use overpopulation tactics.

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