Dev Diary #18 - Smart fleet merging




The merging feature sounds good without the reset, and I am glad you are fixing the broken formations window as well.

The automation looks really handy actually, for a veteran or new player alike.

The effects look nice as well.

As for weapons, I wouldn’t integrate more weapons into the game until the existing ones have been worked on more. Right now there are several imbalances.

All in all looks like a decent update to the game with a ton of stuff to test.



Well if they essentially work very similar to missles, which they appear to with having no line of sight needed and splash damage then seems like not a huge deal. And easier then fighters, which is my only real option right now and they are still way out from being particularly useful i think.

But i suspect the Large energy talk is my fault, so you can scape goat me Cheatle :slight_smile:

I agree the automation upgrade will be nice, and the effects look nice, but i’m hoping before too long we’ll actually get to see them for abit longer then 8 to 10 seconds at a time :smile:



I agree man, battles are too short, and with no escape options it is literally suiciding fleets.

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Well hopefully we’ll get some if/then kinda basic fleet orders we can set up at some point. In particular i’d like something for the following: if you have no chance to do anything but get your butt pasted, get your rear end the heck out of dodge.

And some other basic if/then orders :slight_smile:

AND MUCH MUCH longer engagments. And i don’t mean those kinds that involve rings…

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PRM4.98 DPR240 with 2,400 splash radius??? really???

ships positioned close to each other in a fleet are vulnerable

That sentence makes me laugh as mad. Do u forget that radius of Battleship’s circle is only 2750?
So actually EVERY batlleship in group with battleship as flagman will be damaged by every shell with splash radius higher than 2000 targeted at center. 1salvo to the center = 16 battleships is destroyed. And only some fleets leads by dreadnouts will last for a bit longer. Is there any point of using another weapon if u have this OP doomsday bomb? lol
Moreover with these weapon battles became shureloosing for both sides. (If they both smart enough to using obviously OP wonderwuffle) It’s ruins a lot.

P.S. PRM4.98 DPR350 with 0 splash can be enough or even more than enough for such a thing. Or if u wanna smtn with great splash then it’s must have x10-x20 less damage than these absurd one-salvo-shure-kill-everything power.