Dev Diary #15 - Improving fleet management


Just a suggestion: Add a zoom-lock when you’re zoomed into a fleet to prevent the camera from moving back out, and you’d only have to unlock the lock once you’re done with your fleet. This would make merging ships easier as you don’t have to worry about moving back into galaxy view.

I hope this will work well, I get discouraged now when creating fleets. Either I can’t merge fleets or when I try to add a ship to a fleet, the entire process goes sideways, looks great, but makes it near impossible to place the ship where I intend it to go.

I like it so far. I will re read it shortly. Each ship could have flagship profile. So its radius and number of ships. So if you’re implementing companion restrictions why not make that part of the profile. So dreadnaught x can have max zero dreadnaughts and maybe a max of 6 companion battleships. Then it get expandable you could introduce dreadnaught z which is denser and more armour and more wep slots it can be balanced by restricting the number of battleships to 4 for example.

Another attribute is the communication distance. So 300m. Max distance a ship can be away from another ship . So this might give you scope to bring in a proper carrier hull. Which is designed as a command platform its comm distance could be 500. It could imply its ability to reduce missile damage with some pd. It might allow 1 dreadnaught and 4 battleships and 6 crusiers with a flag level of 25 youre forced to use frigates and destroyers etc

This leads to well rounded fleets not just 16 battleship fleets which dont feel right

When placing ships… Small ships could be enlarged… Like an augmented reality effect. In real space they are back to correct size.

If i get time i will take a copy of csvconfigs2 and play around with how that might look. Im sure the guys in our alliance could add other ideas into the mix and we will come up with something

Again @mel thank you for another appreciated dev diary.

I really like the idea of expanding the layout zone from the tiny one we have now!!! However being forced to stay close to other ships because of splash damage seems clunky… Why not just increase the splash radius or just make missiles do more damage and get rid of splash damage. This will allow better setup of positioning ships imo.

To combat people from forming like 10 dreadnaughts into one fleet it might be a good suggestion to take a note from a really good space rts game called Sins of a Solar Empire. They did a really good job and how many and what type of ships you can have at any one time. It goes like this… They give you a “point” cap (which you can research up to the maximum) on how many ships you can have and a seperate point cap on how many capital ships you can have. You could set it so small ships take less points than bigger ones and anything…say… battleship and up takes up the capital points. This would make it so you would not get hosed by mass battleship fleets and it would also make it so people would have to be more strategic with how they use their capitals. As it is now being capped by number of fleets you can have seems weird to me.

Also you could make capitals a bit more better by giving them auto castable abilities like having some sort of auto launchable protection sphere from the ship that negates enemy damage to your ships for x seconds with a x second cool down before being able to be cast again or some sort of auto repair (during battle) of armor or shields. These abilities should also cost maybe power (like mana for an rpg character) or some other resource.

Just my 2 cents, game is coming along nicely.

I personally feel like the current scale and capacity of fleets function as a nice system, would it not be easier and better in term of balance to just split the stat into 2 seperate stats? One for ships allowed in the fleet and one for radius.
I can’t imagine being forced to place ships super tightly (making cannons almost useless) or having huge fleet radiuses that allow civs like PR and Syntis to dominate completely, this would be terrible.

@mel thanks for that - I am glad that you are working on the fleet management as it currently sicks (to be polite lol). However, one thing I did not understand was whether after the merge function has been done (due to no manual merging) we will still be able to manually adjust ship positions within the fleet - I hope we can as I know people have specialised ships for certain positions such as missile/torpedo launchers for the back of the fleet etc.

Anyway keep up your good work

I am not sure fixing the separation among ships to 300 m is a good idea. One of the few relative advantages of mankind is that their ships are smaller. That allows more of the bigger ships (T3) in the fleet with the current fleet radius system, with a good spread that counters the splash of torps and missiles, a small compensation for being weaker and less armed. If you fix it to make sure everyone gets affected by splash, then that slight advantage is gone, and the ships remain weak and underpowered.

I think when using the “Merge Fleet” button the new ships should be added in the back or a Free side yes but all other Manually and probably carefully placed ships should remain at their Position and not reset just to be on the side with the new ones its more annoying in my oppinion then Manually form a Fleet when having 2 very close to each other even with the Lock on because you need to do all the carefull placements again.

It’s already done :slight_smile:

Of course we will.