Dev Diary #14 - Hotfixing a hotfix



Something to help with testing out weapons is a structured report on what happened and when during a battle. Details such as ship located at distance x and angle y from centre fired z weapon with k damage output. And similarly ship x and y took damage k of type m. Detailing sending and receiving ships… Otherwise we have no way to verify any of this. Especially if as we would like accuracy to vary depending on various factors like manoeuvrability of defender, range from target, some rng.

This could be a text report only available in alpha if you feel its too much info. Though it would be useful to have as part of battle analysis regardless.

We should also be able to test any researched ship against any ships we have faced in battle before in a simulator.

As always thank you for the dev diary


Honestly, we need a dedicated test server where everything instantly is built, infinite resources, and x10 speeds.


I really like the Auto Research feature. another step in the right direction for Automation in Outscape.