Dev Diary #13 – Space heist

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One too many shipyards…



I really like the idea of being able to steal resources though.



“Alpha 3”, really confusing. Beta is supposed to be coming this month, not alot of time left, and theyre announcing a third alpha galaxy? Could we get some info please?

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no… there is T4… … dreadnaughty-ness



I think they need some breaks :slight_smile: … no one seems to be thinking straight…



Theres gotta be some sort of benefit to stealing res instead of just taking the planet. Do you require less troops? If you need more troops then the army size of the enemy then it would be better to just take the planet. Theres gotta be some sort of benefit if we have to wait an hour for the troops to launch. Thats the same time it takes for an invasion. So why not just take the planet? Make it 15 minutes and id like it more. Theres just not enough info in this post. Maybe instead split up the troop carrier module research. One for heists and one for planet assault. A heist troop carrier will supply your troops stealth equipment to prevent being spotted by the enemy army. This can play a role in the more diverse planets to come, a planet thats just a desert will be harder to do heists, because not alot of cover, a planet with alot of grass and trees will be easier to do heists. Syntis would be the hardest to do raids with, as theyre giant robots, ripchee would probably be the best. Just my thoughts.



I feel like you might have missed the point of this mechanic. This isn’t about taking a planet, you can steal from planets that even have T3 Orbitals. This is about a new way to gain resources, a new way to punish people instead of having to destroy things, and this also opens up new types of game play between alliance members.

You say there has to be some sort of benefit, but you are getting a ton of resources for mild damage to your ships, and some pop/troop loss. This is actually a really cool feature that opens up a lot of game play options.



Agree. Nothing is clear with this case, and nothing concrete is said.



But again i dont see the point instead of just taking the planet. What is the pros to just stealing res? You say you can take res from players even with a t3 orbit defence, but i read in the post that having an orbit defence counters this. Plus it takes an hour for them to launch, so youre gonna take 2 5k damage shots before getting the res. I would just like to know why it would be better to take res instead of just taking the planet.



Not having to deal with corruption…



True but does it require less troops? If not then whats the point? By doing the exact same thing you dont only get all the res but all the budings and the population for taxing.



I tend to agree, I would likely just take it… I guess I will have to try and use it… I prefer its inclusion as some will use it as part of their play style…



@mel @joe We need more info. If it requires less troops then good.



Stealing is gonna be a great early and mid game tactic. Denying your enemy farsu and Br early will make embargoing a planet more effective until you can finally muster the force to take it.



Pro 1) You don’t have to have millions of troops to raid a location, they specifically said that the only time you have ZERO chance is if the planet has 20x your raiding party.

Pro 2) You don’t have to deal with corruption or adding more planets to your list of things to do, less logistics, less upkeep.

Pro 3) This gives you an additional way to punish someone for something that they did wrong, without terribly hurting them or their infrastructure.

Pro 4) During invasions, you don’t have to bring tons of resources with you, you can just steal them.

Pro 5) An additional way for you to gain resources, you could potentially raid neighbors, hampering their growth, for invasion later.

Pro 6) Its a way for people to hurt T3 Orbital planets, and you just need to send in a scout to take the first hit, then you take the second hit during the invasion. 5k damage isn’t a lot when spread out among multiple ships, however this tactic can be used on smaller planets to impeded growth and not worry about orbitals.

Pro 7) This allows for alliances to trade resources without dealing with cannisters.

Pro 8) This gives those that want to play the Pirate Playstyle the ability to do so.

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They need to fix that… so especially if you layer your orbitals e.g. 2 Level 1, 2 Level 2, and your level 3… only enough should fire to destroy the ship… so a scout might need only 2 Level 1 to fire, leaving the Level 2 and 3’s to fire on the next fleet…

On topic, thats a good list…



The shipyards looks like it is a cannon, or a mass accelerator. Shoots ships out into orbit xD

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