Dev Diary #11 – Stealth Wars


Oh that, I remember seeing that discussion a while back. Never got one myself or it was in my spam mail, I don’t remember what the problem was when I checked. What was the discussion point that initiated this particular vote?



Couldn’t find the link but they alluded to a lot people saying the game lacked some variety…



It still will, this changes little imo. For me it’s more of a nuisance with regards to mine detection than an improvement. Nothing else changes for me much.




I dont get why this is 400 olzine… unless fleet has 4 sweepers in the fleet, one being the flag… that would be a good thing… not having to break up the fleet…



But the dev’s said the ship has to be the flag in order to activate the module. Either they made an error or it uses a lot of fuel. The fleet in question is a single ship according to the picture, so the single ship uses 400 OZ in order to perform it’s function.



Well maybe it is for setting the fleet mode, only one can apply at a time… but would be cool if multiple sweepers didnt have to leave the protection of the corvette fleet.

From a reply earlier from @mel it appears you can change the flagship after applying the fleet mode… though still need answers to if the fleet is allowed to change after applying the fleet mode…



It says auto re-engage if the flag “hasn’t” changed, so no the auto function would change if the flag is changed. If the dev’s are consistent in the use of the corvette only as a flagship (engaging it’s function), then you’d have to split the fleet if you brought “extra” “corvettes” along in the fleet. Otherwise they wouldn’t be applying the design consistently. Though yes it would certainly be “easier” if you could have 5 or 6 minesweepers in a single mine sweeping fleet doing their function at the same time. Would certainly make life simpler. As would allowing me to have a mine detector inside my main fleet instead of having to manage two fleets.



You can have a clipper and a fuel tanker now, so nothing better in the future about it. The only difference is the clipper is not the flagship now.

Cloak detection is now a passive ability. You put the fleet in your border and it detects. If I do not understand wrong, they are thinking of making it an olzine triggered ability. That means you will have to “manually” start the detection, every time it ends, in every border fleet. A huge work load in your border. If you get an auto engage as what mel said for mine detection, well, work load diminishes but you will have to prepare a significant logistic effort to keep those fleets supplied with olzine.
Considering the difficulties that would imply, it is a free wild card for Ripchee’s cloaked fleets. Unless we get cloaking detectors for planetary scanners.

You also said:
I don’t do “cloaking” now because it’s useless for war fleets - consumes too much fuel for long distance travel.

Cloaking does not consume much fuel, only 100 every 12 hours. My fleets can be cloaked for days; you only have to reactivate cloaking every 12 hours.
Now 400 olzine every 6 hours for mine detection??? Unless fuel tank modules get bigger, tankers are not optional for the corvette fleet, they will be required.



If you mean within an existing fleet today, you are correct. I’m talking about the future if the corvette is a flag with more than one ship I could add a fuel tanker to the fleet to keep it supplied. For me the cloaking consumed too much, maybe I should rethink my designs lol. The example was for sweeping, I don’t know the specs on detection.