Dev Diary #11 – Stealth Wars



Really like the post. Though im concerned about the Sabres high flagship level, meaning if it has the 16 flagship level as stated in the wiki, there will be even more op Scare fleets. Not 14 ships but 15, with a cloaker. I trust you guys can balance this right. I like that corvettes can only use one module, because now we will have to put more thought into what we want to build, instead of having a single ship that does everything. For example the syntis clipper could be a mine sweeper and a cloaker, and have medium weapons for sneak attacks. Good change in my opinion. And as always thanks for the weekly updates.



So. Are we saying sweepers don’t need to be single ships? Good change if so. Ripchee can sweep with largest fleet size.? Monster advantage if that’s the case.

Last image was a hint? Fleet of sabres leaving a shipyard? So templates or ability to Fleet up before deploy or just your turn of phrase.



So you can either detect cloaked fleets or be cloaked? Detect minefields or be cloaked? This makes little sense and creates odd gameplay with regards to Fleet makeup.

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Wonderful. But when will beta start?) Are there any approximate numbers?)



I missed the ramifications of the corvette being required to be the flagship in order to activate it’s ability. I would concur with WarMongers, this does seem odd. What’s the point of having a cloaking device that can’t be deployed for a war fleet given that the corvette will be a small fleet size?



I think I too have missed something here. One corvette with a cloaking device and only a low flagship level - how can that sneak up on another fleet and destroy it? It wont have enough firepower. Yet the Ripchee will have massive firepower. Mmmm I am confused



It is good that you guys are making these changes. But as of now this will only act as a hasslefor the players. Why you may ask. Here is why.

I want to monitor my borders so that no cloaked fleets can pass it without me knowing. I have to recharge the olzine once it’s gone. I have to do it manually, no automation. Where is the fun in clicking things over and over again? It detracts from the game as of now.

Case #2
It is said that Ripchee hulls are to be weak in strength but strong in weapons. As of now, Ripchee is OP af. And now I have to make sure that I bring a cloak detector as well (RIP other races)? This doesn’t sound balanced, and it will make more players choose Ripchee not because they like it, but is the only choice for them to make to be able to beat those ships.

I understand that olzine needs more love, but without more storage capacity for olzine/automation, we cannot do much with just a few hours of cloak/minesweeping. I propose (for the cloak at least) that the time be extended to 12 hours (for the basic level)



Also, Mel, could you guys give us some rough numbers so that the math guys could ponder over it? It gives us something to do while waiting for the new galaxy

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Having one module in corvette instead of two it is ok. But I do not understand why the corvette has to be flagship to use the module. I do not like that change.

@Noobperson, cloaking always needed olzine. It was 100 per 12 hours. All my cloaking ships had tanks.



The fleet interface has been greatly improved and would become cluttered if each module supported by the fleet had an icon then you would have to add a second ring as time goes on and new modules are added to the game… by forcing the player to switch the flag means that they can scale using only 1 fleet icon/button

Another thing is that fleets need to be designed. Without this players would throw all in one massive fleet and there would be little difference… Now this forces players to reduce fleets if they want to cloak… They havent said if sweeping can be done with a corvette fleet or still needs to be a single ship, that may not change… mine/cloak detection… specialist fleets will likely do this… usually they are ahead of the fleet its protecting…

We also do not know if a corvette fleet other than the sabre can support T3+ ships… if the corvette could be in a dreadnaught fleet then Ripchee has no advantage… by doing this they guarantee Ripchee this great racial trait…If you’re wanting to sneek around and ambush fleets then you will need the Sabre (though I doubt you can fit many battleships in its area, some but not many…) and you will want to be Ripchee… Exceptionally clear choice… Choices will make or break this game in the wild…

Now if you follow the pattern then every race will have some advantage one way or another… It will be interesting to see what they will be… I’ve probably missed some but here goes…

Ripchee as above but maybe they can capture ships if they cloak attack
Syntis can repair anywhere, have best advantage invading.
PR have the biggest ships and most durable (or should)
Mankind… err @Cheatle do they have anything?

It might seem wrong @Emarel but if you want a varied game then you have to embrace rules like this… variety will pivot around mechanics like this…



Unless cloaking corvettes can support enough ships for a war fleet, then the ability to even have a cloaked war fleet will be impossible.



and maybe thats the right way to go. massive cloaked fleets might be technically difficult to achieve…

A radius of 10 Km requires a bubble of 1256.64
and double that is 5026.55 so the energy requirement to construct a bubble for fleet of double radius is 4 times the energy…or 4 times the module size…

I’m reluctant to say that we will always have just 1 corvette per race… (2 for ripchee) maybe larger more advanced hulls can better distribute the power and therefore larger fleet area…



Then why have a cloak at all? The only point would be for espionage. Which is fine if that’s it’s only purpose. I’d prefer to see that a fleet only allows ONE corvette within the fleet. That way you can create the fleet’s corvette to do what you need for that fleet.



All attack fleets will be dreadnaught, x-2 crusier/battleships and one out of place tiny corvette… where x is fleet size **…rince and repeat… the galaxy over.

…boring… thats what the democratic vote said… We’re bre(ak)xiting things down to more variety of design and strategy…

**… all attacks will be cloak attacks or attempt to be…if this is not balanced this way…



Can you translate what you just said? The only thing changing right now for me is that I won’t have a mine detector inside my fleet, it will ride separately ahead of my war fleets in a corvette fleet, only to die first which is fine. I don’t bother with a cloak now because it’s basically useless. It’s only real use is for espionage. Actually that will be better in the future because the corvette will be a flagship and I can add a nice large fuel tanker to keep it fueled and cloaked. Cloak detectors are for border fleets so nothing changes there. Mine sweepers will ride along with detectors and I can break them out once I see they are needed.



What democratic vote do you mean?

As Atreides said, that rules makes cloaking only useful for Ripchee. I am not against it as a concept but if that was the idea, it should have been that way from the start, as repair modules are for Syntis.
What I do not like are changes that takes away something you had previously.



Ok so you dont do cloaking? check.

Ripchee will and they will smash 13 ship fleets at you from the rear and take out your back line with them OP lasers they have…

Exactly… cool huh… and its even more valuable because there will be holes in the enemy cloak detection defences if they are not on their game… positive for strategic players like yourself…

Sort of, unless you’re lazy or your empire border is so big your timeslicing is causing you issues.

Again you’ve nailed it…,

its not that massive a change but it makes cloaking really useful… and I think thats the whole idea…



I don’t do “cloaking” now because it’s useless for war fleets - consumes too much fuel for long distance travel. check lol. And tbh I don’t even do border management atm. Probably will in the next iteration of the galaxy, maybe, maybe not. We’ll see.

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Was referring to some of the feedback IDA got from running a questionnaire earlier in the year… tried to find a link but failed…