Destroying planets and systems

In order to help players reduce the number of planets (and systems) they see, along with potentially helping the servers, I suggest allowing us to destroy plants and even systems.

The rationale behind destroying planets would be to get rid of planets not worth colonizing for populations, planets only worth colonizing for resources. We’ve asked for planet mining ships, and while I’d think that would still be cool to have, the ability to destroy a planet and get a few asteroid fields of the mined and unmined resources found on that planet would be helpful. At maximum, 4 asteroid fields (beron, farsu, etc.) would spawn for each planet, and thankfully asteroid fields already exist in-game. For the servers, I believe being able to delete array items with at least 8 items (temperature, land mass, population, etc.) would help reduce the storage requirements necessary.

So for instance, with this planet below, we’d all agree that 10km is too small to colonize unless you want the resources. There is no olzine on this planet, and as a gas, that would evaporate, but if you destroyed this planet to get potentially 25% in resources back (this number can be modified, just an example), you’d get about 57,000 beron, 73,000 farsu, and so on. Not a great way to get resources by any means, but it is a method, and time-wise it sure beats colonizing this planet, wasting a planet slot, and then waiting to mine out all surface deposits.

While the base level of planet-destroyers would simply leave asteroid fields you have to collect with other ships, an upgraded version could also collect the resources.

Finally, for planet-destroyers (need a better name, lol), they could be used offensively to destroy enemy planets, but they should have a long countdown, no defenses, and be unable to be put in fleets. So if someone parks their planet-destroyer on your planet, a scout could zip in and destroy the planet-destroyer before a 24 hour count-down finishes.

Regarding destroying systems, there are some absolutely trash systems. This is just the way it works out because of system generation, but I’d like to be able to clean up my area of these systems I’m never going to colonize. Destroying systems can also be a way to draw a line around your empire (in lieu of displaying graphical territory lines). Some players might want to draw a 3 light-year line around their empire as a kind of no-man’s-land. Now systems can either be destroyed through firing a missile or ship into a star (I play Syntis, so no one dies in my mind, lol), and return no resources, or through a mechanism of a ship syphoning off the olzine in the star until it reaches supernova stage and explodes. This entire process should also take a long time, say a week (time to syphon, and time to get your ship out of their if RL gets in the way). If an auto-syphon star mechanic can be implemented (similar to auto-collect debris), perhaps this could be reduced slightly.

In order to protect stars, and acknowledging this whole idea of wiping out systems being a bit farther down the pipeline, we will need defense structures for stars. The bonus of developing these structures is that they could also be tweaked for use around planets, as an added layer when planetary assault gets a rework.

TLDR; Players can destroy planets and systems for resources, and we act as the Devs server cleaners by destroying unwanted information. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and happy playing!

We don’t need the deathstar in game and with limited planet spawns on the atd servers letting players wipe out planets seems like a bad idea and would be used to grief the server.

Now rather then destroy planets why not setup some way to enhance them. Something like crashing two planets together and rolling the dice to see what type forms from the rubble.


I agree that having deathstars that can roll around destroying people would be bad, which is why I suggested letting them not be battlestations but instead super weak, ultra-specialized tools. I still don’t see the point in having small planets cluttering things up. Maybe provide upgrades to colonizer ship modules so that they can pack explosives, and be used to “Destroy planet” rather than “Colonize” would be a viable option.

Regarding griefing the servers through destruction, I’d imagine it would be along the lines of the processing required to create a planet, and potentially less as nothing new is being generated (other than maximum 4 asteroid fields). Of course any ships enroute to said destroyed planet would need to be rerouted, but I believe the Devs have some unique identifier for every planet (planet name currently not being unique).

Being able to install thrusters on planets to crash them together is an interesting idea. I’d suggest letting it either result in another planet or simply rubble. Just as another outcome (planet crashing isn’t a perfected science). :wink:

Uhm, the game already has a problem retaining people and several, casuals/noobs, I have been to war with have quit after I bombed just a few of their planets. Imo the game needs to go in the opposite direction of being more accessible to casual players, not less.

The problem with useless planets is in the spawning algorithm. Imo there should be no small planets with red resource deposits, or none. All planets should be mediocre, e.g. 15k and 40% land with yellow resource deposits or better. I really don’t see the point with all these small useless planets that no one will ever colonize.

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Or they can add end game device (for example special ship) to increase size, %deposits and landmass trough wasting astronomical number of resoursse, for example 40kk of beron/ziril/limbalt/olzine per planet. I’m like all that terraforming in ES or Stellaris.


I understand some people are quitting because of warfare, but I would suggest that some are also quitting because of a lack of content. My idea is simply a suggestion for additional content. To address your issue, I think that we need more defenses, such as orbital defenses, to protect players that aren’t able to get on very much. But in the end, people will always quit if they don’t get their way. I’ve seen that happen in Outscape, OGame, Vega Conflict, etc. :slight_smile:

The current spawning algorithm is okay in my mind as large planets with a lot of resources are more desirable, but also not common. Looking at our own universe, I believe that we observe planets (or planetoids) found in a range of sizes, so that is one reason why I understand small planets are present in the Outscape universe.

The ability to terraform or even build planets later on would be welcome. We need more endgame buildings for sure.

Well when anyone present a suggestion I try to find out what problem they are trying to solve and what, if any, new issues does it introduce.

In your case it sounded like you wanted to solve the issue with the abundance of useless planets and your suggestion was a Death Star type of thing and although that solves the useless planets problem it introduces a massive new issue of eradicating other people’s planets which is already an issue, not because people are “quitting because of warfare” but because people are losing something they have spent weeks building up. A destruction of something like that imo does not belong in an MMO where you want the server to go for long periods of time.

So instead of finding ways of tearing down things that other people build then we should be looking on ways of how to build things up instead and there @Pepelekus suggestion is far better by allowing people to terraform and make use of the abundance of resources that accumulates at endgame.

But this is a computer game and not one which is supposed to be a galaxy simulator. You have minefields that can be spread out over light years by a tiny ship with some limbalt, ships being able to intercept other travelling at FTL speeds and population which grows from 0 to millions in weeks. Nothing of that has anything to do with real life and nor should it. The point of games like Outscape is for people to have fun, not to simulate real life.

So one needs to ask themself is having useless small planets any fun? What impact does it have on performance? And also, how fun is it for people to have their planets, for which they spent weeks to build, to be destroyed in hours, maybe in a gangbang by groups of people?

But yes, Outscape suffers greatly from lack of content, but that is imo because of lack of perpetual PvE and PvP and best of all PvPvE. Perpetual being the key word here for which planet destruction is not, that is final and irreversible. Something that works well in single player Stellaris but does not in an MMO. It is basically the same as deleveling people in an MMO and that is massively unpopular.

Terraforming would be a exceptional idea and it tackles the issue of useless planets. But it would need to be very limited use or ultra expensive.

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Very limited use sounds like it would make it useless. Ultra expensive is better as we are now sitting on hundreds of millions of credits that keeps growing, despite constantly building ships.

There needs to be some end-game items that are super expensive. Such as this terraforming but also things like super capital ships and outposts/starbases.

A starbase (stationary or extremely slow moving) is also a great idea. Handling it like a capital building where you can only have one or two, upgradable levels, and ultra expensive in both credits and resources.

I would say one per system, and it will engage any enemy ship in the gravity well. That way we finally would have a proper system defense. But that’s getting off topic…

Personally, I think there needs to be a way to stake out territory (like in Stellaris, Starbases), where other players cannot enter without declaring war. And hostiles will need to take out the Starbase before attacking any planets etc.

  • Planet development in its current form is far too boring and time consuming. Imo, just cancel all structures and replace it with a level 1-10 planet upgrade path with ~3 options (resources, control points, ship production points etc.). More focus on ships and PvP or PvE is better than SIMSpace + Sudden death attacks.

Good suggestions. I was always hoping for the guard functionality to work like that. E.g. their area of effect is your territory and will give you several bonuses, such as speed buffs, cloak detection etc and if someone enters that territory they are infringing on your space and will be attacked.

The last thing is how it is now, more or less, but the area being so small does not allow you to effectively establish a proper territory. Imo it should start from 3 LY and go all the way up to 10 LY with speed buffs and cloak detection as you tier up the building.

I have been saying this for a long time…

Thanks. I stopped playing this game awhile back because I realized that:

  1. It was basically eating up my life and free time.
  2. Neighbors were mostly inactive or allies
  3. Fighting any war was a huge pain. Basically like wack a mole and hide and seek.

Oh well, now that they decided to look for a larger investor, maybe they will have the ability to improve things.

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