Destiny stolen from Puma

I don’t know where else to post this. But be aware that destiny alliance is no longer under puma’s control. She is away mostly ill with a respiratory infection. Be warned.

“Destiny” is not stolen from Puma. Destiny is created by My self and puma with the help of others. I have taken over command of Destiny after Puma got sick.

And Puma knows me well. If she returns “Destiny” is always there for her.

Please stop making unnecessary accusations over us.

Everything is going normal in Destiny and I will make sure of it. also i will not allow anyone to harm Destiny’s dignity.


Next time try inviting her BEFORE hand.

@EagleAR @WarMongers

Please pass my best wishes onto @Puma. I hope she is back to full health soon and able to help guide this project to completion with the rest of the community.