Destiny (=DES=)


Destiny has been represented since Alpha 1. All who are willing to invest their time and abilities are welcome to join us.

We strive to help people grow within the game via training and internal trading(where possible). We help one another to be the best they can be.

Each player has a preferred play style and we encourage players to hone their skills in this area, however we do require that each player be willing to help their coalition mates in any manner that they are capable of (building, trading, defending). We also believe in defending our own and our allies (those who are not members of our specific coalition). All members will be expected to aid in the defense should it become necessary, even if this is outside a particular player’s normal preference of play style.

Destiny is lead by a council of 9, but we welcome the input of all members as to the direction of the coalition (alliance). All members have the potential of becoming a council member, based on their contribution to the coalition (alliance), we do not restrict the size of the council to any specific number. It is a position that is earned.

The only requirement is that you use discord for regular communication. We also use Facebook for training purposes at present although that may change to a forum similar to Outscape’s forum style in the future.

If you are interested in joining, please pm me here on the Forum.


How many members does Destiny have at present?


14 Members were active in Alpha 2, 4 additional members slated to join either at Beta (if they receive an invite) or Early Access.


I would play with you. But now there is a lack of information about the beta. Therefore, it is unclear whether the new world will be launched and if so when. Unfortunately, there are no landmarks. As I understand it in November has not come out to run, and when if not in November? This is unknown. So while there is no opportunity to play even for money


Have patience, developers provide their best estimates on when they can complete the programming they intend to complete. If you would like to speak privately regarding joining our coalition (alliance), please pm me here on the forum.