Delete the pre- beta

I wanted to change from Synthi to human. I entered the Lobby and hit the button on the right corner of the pre-beta tab. i thought so i could change. I was wrong. The complet pre betta tab was gone, and i can not enter the game any more.

Need help

The pre-beta galaxy is closed, so you’ll need to wait until the next refresh. Supposedly that’s coming soon, but we don’t have details yet.

Bummer but it’s been a hot topic that you can’t reset and rejoin atm.

@joe This is going to severely damage the games credibility. You guys sent out masses of invites and now look like you have slammed the door in the faces of those people.

Publicity like this is NOT what you need.

Please can you release some info on what your plan is to allow these people to join/rejoin play very soon.