Deep space beacons

Hi, my suggestion is to allow an array of low cost deep space beacons to be created so that they can be spread across the boundaries of a system. I would want this to provide an alert (initially via the current comms/discussion mechanism but hey why not expand on that later to trigger emails or whatever).

I would position the beacons at various location on the boundary of my system where a none-visible straight line geofence could exist between beacons which could alert me to when others have crossed into or out of what I consider to be my system or territory.

Once in position you might consider adding alert messages to be setup the intruder alerting them that they have strayed into a system and guiding them to either ‘bugger off’ or contact the system owner to negootiate safe passage.

A later evolution of this might be to allow the geofence trigger to cause an automated defence response if the player is not online at the time e.g. cause the system defence fleet(s) to attack intruders to chase them across the border or kill them.

Just a thought


Sounds cool but what would you do with this alert? Not like you can stop working/sleeping and log on and start playing if someone invades your space. But getting a warning when online is quite useful if you are busy doing something else and not looking at your borders all the time. Warning message to the trespasser also sounds very cool.

Automated defense, specially offline, though is sorely needed. However people will find ways to exploit them so it really needs to be a zero gain/loss system where the invader neither gains anything for destroying them and the defender also loses nothing. Similar to the newbie guardian fleets.

Not sure yet, I can imagine things like: waiting for someone coming to give me a clobbering in my home system but anticipating the attack and hitting them from an unexpected location when they step over the boundary, that sort of thing. I’m daft enough to stop work/etc to logon and complete a campaign when the timing is right

Unfortunately this game has issues with the number of objects it has to track. Partly why we lost the ability to build unlimited amounts of fleets where players used to park massive amounts of scouts all over as border markers.

If the devs ever get notifications fixed and running right along with notifications sent directly to a players email or phone when offline things will improve for early warnings.

Link to the old Trello discussion

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I’ll settle for auto launch functions from the fleet dock but not necessarily launched right away. I would prefer a system of triggers such as when an enemy is sighted, wait 2 hours and then launch this fleet, or when an enemy enters solar, wait 30 mins and launch fleet B, ECT and alliance wide notifacation system.

Actually it’s exactly this.

It’s a good idea that’s been suggested before. It would require notifications to work, first, followed by the concept of push notifications to be implemented, but it has to start somewhere.


Hey if you are among the select few that can login at any time, all the power to you, nothing wrong with that. My side comment was just that the vast majority of gamers are not like that so we shouldn’t design a feature based on it. But I digress.

Like I said, I like your idea as I feel this game lacks a way to claim ownership over areas and a clear border. The only thing we got are minefields that can be put anywhere, which I feel is a design flaw, and if mine-fields could reworked to something like what you suggest I think would be excellent as minefields should not be this omnipresent super-weapon that can destroy millions of fleets but rather something to be used defensively as an early warning system and a way to slow down an enemy coming inside of your territory.

So if your idea of warning beacons instead of this super-weapon would be a much better use for this mechanic that seems to right now have no clear purpose.

No it is not. Most gamers these days have lives that they prioritize over gaming (obviously) and designing a game for the very few hardcore gamers who can log in at any time is a game doomed to fail. Specially since the 4X genre is so tiny to begin with.

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How many players, especially in the 4x and mmo communities dont use a 3rd party app/website/ECT to communicate? Almost all do as far as I am aware (at least the ones that are motivated to play engame content). I may not be able to respond, but at least i can get on the horn and inform my buddies (local or otherwise) that ive got 4 fleets composed of 3 corvettes 1 DN and a bunch of destroyers and battleships entering my territory at X,Y headed in the direction of solar A and may get there in 5 hours. I would also be able to inform my alliance what I’ve got and how much support I’ll actually need.


Most gamers these days are stuck at home thanks to this f’in pandemic. And in the US at least, thanks to the incompetent response to the same.

This game is a niche game. That’s not going to change. And the niche is occupied primarily by people with lots of free time.

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I wont debate this further as I know there is no point with you guys and ultimately it is up to the developers to decide if they want to design a game which requires you to wake up in the middle of the night, or risk getting fired for playing games at work (and yes using a third party app to talk to your fellow gamers will be seen as gaming), assuming you even have a job where you are at a computer at all times.

My qualified guess as being a gamer for over 30 years and playing countless of MMOs is that they are not that stupid and they will eventually implement a system which allows for casual gamers, which far outnumber the hardcore gamers, to enjoy this game too.

But again, to the thread starter, great idea and I hope the developers implement something similar.

It is up to the devs, not us, and since the devs read these posts, there is every reason to have this debate, just dont expect a reward or admission of having won the debate, and also realise that some are just tired of the back and forth. Recently, you will rarely catch puma posting more than once per thread and I assume based on several of your posts that this is the case. Dont let it get to you.


Thanks and as Chiral wisely said, this forum (and internet forums in general I guess) is sometimes more about debating rather than discussing. First I didn’t get what he meant but the difference I think is that in a debate it is about person/group X vs Y rather than constructively discussing ideas and not make it personal.

Puma is one of the most objective and mature on this forum which is probably why he does not engage much into these kind of back and forth bickering. I guess I need to learn a few things from him and not take it personally :slight_smile:

She might be offended by this comment, hard to say.

I really like this idea and I hope the email mechanic/notification process will actually work.

I was accidently more accurate with that statement than I intended. I will occasionally argue for a side I dont agree with because few solutions are birthed perfect and the closer to a perfect concept we have, the better off the game is. Because I am playing devil’s advocate, I call it debating, with the judges being IDA.


And they’re mostly MIA.


I’ve only ever played 1 game that had an active forum contributor for the devs and they removed her position. beyond that, messaging the devs directly often gets you (or maybe just me?) a response quickly particularly if its bug related.

As far as i can tell, IDA is as present as they realistically can be. I would hate it if they spent extra time out of their days responding to us, not that i dont want their responses and input, but rather player reactions to them, and how things follow. it can be awkward and bad besides i’d rather they spent the time building the game than coming in here and acting like we are 10 and they are the grown ups…

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Community manager is a position. They need one. There have been too many patches with major problems that have gone unanswered for weeks at a time. The nightmare before Christmas killed Main One, and the terrible minefield patch killed Main Two. And in both cases, it took them forever to even acknowledge there was a problem, and even longer to fix the problems.

But, it’s an early access product that we’re paying for, so we signed up for some of that… some of that.