Deep mining tech images

Hey so, I noticed something while blankly staring at my tech tree, that looked a little off to me.

So here you see my expert paint and ‘snippit’ skills.

imageThat aside, if you look at the beron image, it’s easy to see a drill mining Beron, nothing funky here.
image However, when you look at the Limbalt picture, you can actually see the Beron behind it.
image and when you go over to the Farsu, you see the Limbalt and Beron behind it.
image and again when you look at the Ziryl, you can see the Farsu, and still see the Limbalt, and Beron behind it.
image Finally, the Olzine, you can clearly see the above minerals in behind them.

Not so much as a bug per-say, but definitely something to look at.


I like to think of it as that the Beron is the first crust of the planets resources then lambit then farzu then ziryl and olizine at the bottom. Like in our Earth, the resources are layered. I never looked at those icons that way personally. All in the details