Datatable confusion


Good afternoon IDA in general.

If you’ve been reading the notes in the Wiki you’ll see I’ve flagged a few data tables as having the wrong picture to the right stats. Is it helpful if i carry on doing this or is it just that one table has got a column out of alignment someplace?

Thats my hunch so rather than keep flagging notes one page at a time I thought to bring it to your attention here .

PS Thanks to Mel (I suspect!) for fixing the clipper/corvette issue!


Please keep doing this :blush:
Really helps a lot.


I might join you once I can conquer my browser and it’s refusal to cooperate with the sign up’s captcha.


Speed the day @SlayMoreDragons :slight_smile:

Folks minimum we want one regular Wiki contributor from each race, and there are plenty of PR players that have been at the game longer than I !

So if you are a Toas… Honorable Syntis or a Rebellious scu… Esteemed Humie player, especially jump on in!

@mel Ok first thank you for some changes I see already.

As long as a simple flag note like that is helpful and not an annoyance I’ll keep doing it: point of fact just did a few more on the’s_Realm_Hulls Several Data Table sidebars still have the wrong picture attached though the Data in the table seems to be correct. I’ll rework the brief outline descriptions to reflect the ships Alpha 3 stats shortly.


PS @joe if you ever do achievements/medals awards… There had better be a Wiki one :smiley: Promise of a shiny oft encourages the hesitant!


New one to fix please @mel

No listing for the Ziryl or Limbalt costs for these building in the Datatable : Just Beron & Credits .

Been getting a chunk of feedback to the effect that inaccurate costs and stats are a Major put off from using the Wiki. Please jump on this one ASAP :smiley: