Customisation of races and systems


I understand the game is still in alpha, just curious.
Will customisation be added later? For instance, renaming systems and planets. Creating a bio for your civilisation. Being able to name your civ and create a backstory.


There will be additional customisation options for your player/empire profile. This will be important for diplomacy, alliances etc. We don’t have plans to enable renaming of systems or planets. If there was enough demand we could look in to the possibility - but it’s unlikely this could be done for systems. We are planning to add a “Sector view” to make navigation and explaining your position easier.


Great, thanks for the reply.


amigo joe me podrias decir como entro al juego por favor tengo meses intentando jugarlo y nada


Hello, instead of balancing the “races”, I think it’d be cool to create your own race so to speak. It’d add a bit more to the game and not knowing exactly what the other’s strengths and weaknesses are. It’d make it much easier balancing as well instead of having set races. I imagine using something similiar to Master of Orion’s custom race where you were given so many points and could use them to be more tolerant to environments,wealthier, or stronger in weapons or armor, etc. Just an idea to keep it balanced and make it more interesting.