Current Priorities & Role of the Community


To me, there’s really three different areas where missions come in.

  1. Tutorial missions, used to better acquaint new players with the game and mechanics. Colonize X planets, build Y stuctures/ships, kill Z pirates, etc.

  2. Mid-game missions/objectives to keep engagement up. Things that might be a bit more challenging, but also help progress the game. Reach a population of 10m, have a combined total of 5m minerals, kill 50 pirate fleets.

  3. End-game content. End-game is where I think things are lacking the most right now. We’re a few months in, and I’m pretty much out of stuff to do. Wars are pointless with the current planet caps. I don’t need to steal resources, and I can’t take any more planets. So short of griefing there’s no real value.

Adding in an option to Occupy (annex, control, or whatever other term you want) vs Colonize after an invasion might be one area where things could improve. A player wouldn’t directly control a planet taken in this way. Essentially, the planet would be 100% auto-build for structures. Players would get maybe 10% of what the planet would normally produce in taxes and have access to 10% of the resources generated. These planets wouldn’t contribute to corruption or the planet cap.

Another idea that’s come up a few times would be for pirate bases to spawn on unoccupied planets. The base would increase the frequency and strength of pirate fleet spawns until it was destroyed by bombardment or invasion.

There’s been forum chatter of rare resources that would be needed for T4 or alliance structures, as well as the possibility of finding artifacts/relics/ancient tech. Adding in something like that where it was a bit more of a timesink (but not a grind), or it was done in a way to promote conflict would be good.

When you say “award” what does that mean? If it’s something like an achievement or something then I don’t see much value. However, if this is like the aforemention rare resource/relic, then yes please.

Something like this could even be done where there’s a distress beacon from a fleet that broadcasts out 200LY, and the first to rescue the fleet wins. The fleet could be surrounded by pirates, trapped in a minefield, or just broken down. Rewards could be credits, minerals, population, RPs, or gaining control of the rescued fleet.



Fair enough. Talking to folks here on the forum not everyone agrees with me that it should be mandatory either. I have a vague idea of a hybrid intro/tutorial idea that I want to post on when I have it sorted out in my head. Right now the community is in full bore “how can we help mode” and there are some great suggestion coming in and as one of the chatty buggers here don’t want to miss any of it by posting too early on this one!

In brief Joe I want to look at the interesting “History” game concept of WHY we have the player races all re emerging as scattered civilisations in the new Galaxy and see if that can serve as a “Plot” for a How to play set up that players WANT to play through because it has a bit of an engaging story and can be adapted to use multimedia as was also suggested.

The colonisation cut scenes you have produced are interesting examples of what can be done by the talent (Really very multifaceted talent) you have in house. However its done in the end I think you could do well by using Community generated plot for the intro/explanatory opening missions.

Stuff like that we ache to assist with. some like me cant hardly code diddly but we can think; we can analyse; we can use a goddam calculator and get figures for you, even if we we’re not up to loading the whole thing into one big Excell.

As for the funding set up a Patreon or similar but don’t press it. If somebody wants to drop you a “tip” have the humility to take it.

If anyone does that and then expects special treatment they can go sod off. Ignore them, listen to the majority that care. We are asking: I AM Asking for, is some means I can slip you a few quid now and again Capeesh? :slight_smile:

As for the request for maybe a half dozen missions as mid/end content? Great idea! Just the sort of direction on what we can do I have hoped to see for a while. Let me think: One thing though how did you like the suggested achievements, any feedback on that at all? Can you tell us the top ten maybe and then we can suggest ways to achieve the less obvious ones as part of in game “Missions”?



A “tip” and a round of crowd-funding are very different things. I can see why they would want to stay away from crowd-funding. Basically, if I put money into a kickstarter I am expecting to get a product delivered. I would also be a heck of a lot more harsh if I’d “paid” for the game. A tip on the other hand would be more of a no-strings-attached donation. It’s all in setting expectations.

I can also appreciate that setting up a method for taking tips (and then having to actually account for them) might be a lot more work that it’s worth. So, though it might make a few of us happy that we got to buy the devs a cup o’ Joe (ha, so punny) it really isn’t worth the effort. I would wager that the devs would much rather we buy the game at release, and give it glowing reviews every chance we get.



I suppose so. the ones I’ve seen required an email or a face book log in and that was pretty much it. Heck a pay pal email would do. But sure if they wanna hold on till full release whatever. It’ll take longer of course but your right its their call.



Just wow! I know I said I would get back to this subject but I have been unwell and time has been precious (for me).

But I feel I would like to touch on some things even if they have a\lready been covered above.

  1. Tutorial - I have played many a game similar to this where even if you restarted you had to go through a tutorial. Yes it got annoying to do this every time one started (alts in this case) but it got you off to an early start. Part of this tutorial idea was to get a builkding built - you got a reward of some resources. Get a ship built, get more resources and so on. After a few hours you had a good idea what was required and now you had a heap of resources to carry on with. This seems more preferrable (getting resource rewards) than just starting with a shit load - its the old human reward centre kicking in

  2. Starting planet - I think this really needs to be NOT random. Every player needs to start with a decent home world. One with a capability of having say 750K to 1m population. Not 250K! Also ALL resources should be at 100% along with a goodly amount before you need deep mines. Within your starting system there should be another good planet - once again ALL players get the same - you just got to find it and colonise it.

  3. Financing - I am sure you have explored this a lot but many of us have said (and I am saying it myself) we would be happy to pre-purchase the game so at least you got something coming in. Or look at Patreon - I have subscribed to this before and you give without expecting too much reward

  4. Rewards - these I do feel are needed in the game just so long as they dont give too much of an advantage (like PTW etc) - resource rewards may be of benefit

  5. The galaxy feels tooo big. If this is meant to be a war game then we need to be able to move around easier to get to places (I am thinking warp gates or similar). Where I am there was one ‘idiot’ who just became a real PITA so I and a couple of others who he was also annoying attacked him, took some planets, massacred his fleets. He seems to have quit or reset within 24 hours of this happening (ah diddums). There is no one around now to war with. Boring. Its become farmville - we really need to be able to jump and attack or be attacked.

  6. Getting help - here we are!!! Many here have quite a lot of experience with programming, web site development etc. Ask and you might receive :slight_smile:

  7. Communication - you are doing a good job at communicating wth your player base (but there is always room for improvement). I fully realise we are in Alpha (I am not sure everyone really understands what that means) so your ‘Road Plan’ is good providing we are kept up to date. We also communicate our ideas to you along the way to you and you seem receptive to these. Just keep communicating

  8. People leaving the game - In my experioence a game has got to captivate you very early - if it doesnt you just dont stay. This type of game only appeals to a certain type of person but the biug problem is getting started and knowing what order to do things in - hence the need for some sort of quick but compulsory tutorial. Along the way getting explanations or ‘hints’ as to what to do next to keep people on a reasonably correct track may be beneficial eg sending a ship to colonise a colony that is too hot or cold or has no resources should come up with a warning about inherent dangers or even this is a useless thing to do. Seen many players complain how their population is dying but they dont understand why

Finallky just keep going. Perserverance has a great role to play for developers. Its a long hard and often lonelyt road you travel - I know - my son is trying the same path developing a game for the iPad/Android market. Silly bugger :-):wink:



The galaxy wouldnt feel so big if players stuck around more and/or if there wasnt corruption. ATM i have a fraction of the planets i would have colonized if corruption wasnt implemented (to be fair, corruption probably lightens the load on the servers tremendously) and people are going to get board with this game, its an alpha. Things havent been added that should be in a full fledged game, and that makes for a less entertaining experience.

When i first started this game, the first week was awful both for A2 and A3. I actually spent more time loading the game than actually playing, this maybe a problem for some players. Is there anyway we could open up a test galaxy? I know the developers wanted to make everyone able to play in multiple galaxies, so i have to ask if this is already available? I know it was possible to see what i can only assume was a dev galaxy. Are we able to bring out another one intended for everyone to be rubbing elbows with their neighbors? Maybe make game speed x10? If players agreed that alliances/grudges dont cross galaxies, it could be a lot of fun.



I like the idea of corruption as it serves as a check against just taking every planet that you can. This forces some level of strategy in planet selection and empire building. However, later in the game when all your planets are at the desired level it means the game effectively dies. I’d down to two planets that I need to upgrade mines on, and then I’ll have nothing left that I need to build.

This is the test galaxy :slight_smile: I’d presume they won’t run any more concurrently because of server costs. However, there has been talk of there being galaxies that run faster or slower, and that are bigger or smaller when we get to the full release. Players might even be able to create their own custom galaxies.



I didnt say otherwise, ive given a few ideas on how to keep the corruption without letting it do too much damage in the long run, but my ideas (at least as far as i can tell) havent had much traction with the other players and it doesnt change the fact that without it, there would be more pvp.

It is but it isnt. Test usually run for shorter durations in order to get quick information on a product. A3 is neither short nor quick. It could be explained that the server will reset every 7 days allowing players to just go crazy without being offended if their empire gets destroyed since it wasnt going to last long anyway. It will also keep players entertained initially while their account on A3 gets started.



If the server reset every 7 days then I reckon most people will just quit. You dont get much done in 7 days and you cant test the game properly.

I think the idea of corruption is reasonable but needs tweaking. The main problem as I see it is if this game is for PvP, whioch a lot of people complain about - there isnt enough, then we need to be able to get to other players. I could send fleets off for a week or two to reach somewhere but they run the risk of being caught in a mine field or just hit on their way. This is part of the game that really needs a BIG tweak



So i have to voice some concern on the award/achievment line of thought. If not implemented correctly this could simply be something thats going to annoy alot of players. The galaxy is so stinkin big it’s rediculous. The chances of you happening upon one of these is uh…particularly small to say the least. Even if, as suggest, it’s coordinates are broadcast once target system has been colonized as an example the odds of a given player being even remotely close enough to consider sending fleets to attemp it are redonkulously low. So you’d end up with quite a few folks feeling like what the hell there’s no point because by random luck i’m like a bajillion light years from the damn thing so i can’t get this damn achievment/award…lame f, er ahem duck sauce. The galaxyies a huge place and if people are expected to travel perhaps 30-60 days of real life time with a fleet, and not even be guaranteed that fleet doesn’t get blown out of the sky as soon as it reaches the system, and it’s more likely to get attacked for little to no reason LONG before that, then there won’t be engagment. And if the answer is 100% join a clan/guild what have you because they and they alone will gain you access to faster then shiiite travel…well i call bullpuckey on that. You want casual players to be able to “feel” like they can be at least competitive then they can’t be locked out of features based on an inability, or preference not to be forced into a guild. Sure guilds are great places to socialize, but to be honest it’s extremely annoying to feel like your FORCED to join one because if you don’t you can’t do xyzabcdefg. Your more likely to join who ever will take you and stick with them even if their a bunch of clowns simply because if you leave, perhaps you don’t get picked up by someone else for a while and start falling behind, or if their real jerks they could try and sabotage you joining other organizations. Being FORCED to join groups is just NOT cool.

I can get behind a system that makes it easier, even MUCH easier to obtain a given object ingame that you can only get by doing some particular activity in a group/raid. But i think it should be just that, just easier to get, not the ONLY way to obtain. Play solo and either it’s relativly more difficult, or it’s less likely to drop/be found, but you can still go out and search for it yourself. Sure it’s easier to find/get it as a group, but your not FORCED into groups.

just my silly coppers.