Currency - Bug Confirmed

Last night I went to bed making over 700 credits per hour. My happiness maxed out and it dropped to 600 per hour. I just deleted entertainment centers and it immediately popped up to 825 per hour. It seems the bonus is taking away money not giving more. Once I killed the deletion of the entertainment centers it stayed at the proper amount.

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Even stranger…It just went down again.

I’m confused by this post and the screen shots. both of the first two show 825. Did you do anything between the 825 and 614? If you’re referring to the bonus for having 100% happiness, it might be useful to see a before and after from the detail on the race’s page.

I have seen the same issue on my home world, however the bonus does work correctly on all of my colonies, i.e. +30%
Seems pretty strange to only affect the one planet. BTW, I took screenshots of 99.99% and 100% to show the drop and submitted in game.

I’ve also encountered this bug, and after doing some digging, have traced the cause.

This issue only affects our home worlds, because they are the only planets which start out with City Centres constructed, which boost tax income (by 45% starting out). With these, a planet’s income is:

Population * Tax Rate * City Centre Bonus * Some factor = Income/h

However, when Happiness hits 100% and the happiness income bonus kicks in, this replaces the City Centre bonus, meaning the income drops as the civ happiness bonus is always less than that provided by the Centres. The formula now becomes:

Population * Tax Rate * Happiness Bonus * Some factor = Income/h

I’m pretty sure this isn’t intended behaviour, and both bonuses are meant to be applied. It should hopefully be a simple fix to the formula!


Ahh, thanks! I looked at the numbers I was getting and they line up with this as well. It can be seen on smaller colonies if you build cities there, it’s just not as noticeable when their bonus is little.

I’ll get this looked at right away.

Thanks to all of you for putting this together for us, it’s very helpful :slight_smile:

This bug should have been fixed with the latest patch. Please let us know if it wasn’t.

@joe Looks good to me now, thanks!

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