Crime of Time

it’s mentioned that Improved Mine Sweeper doing job much faster, …
but i CAN NOT find that 28 seconds are much faster than 14 seconds …
WTF is going around with these modules & how they work???

2times faster. From a certain point of view it is indeed much fasster.

How is 28 seconds much “fasster” than 14 seconds? I mean… I know you have to run everything through a translator, but that’s just basic math.

Probably a broken description, but might be broken ship parts as well, hard to say.

Takes 8 hours to lay a base minefield and 4 hours to lay a power three minefield.

Sweepers work the same and halve the sweep time as 28 is double 14 so it sweeps twice as fast.

Thought it was 28 and 56 for the sweeper times in A3. Did they slow sweepers in pre beta?

Oh i’m sure we’ll be seeing half hour complete sweep times with stacking, i mean it’s gotta be balanced against that 8 and 4 hour set up time…

Believe the theory is that sweep times are slower, but at each iteration sweeping time seems to get even further improved compared to set up time. Not sure i’ve heard of any confirmed complete sweep times with stacking sweepers, but i’m sure it’ll be totally balanced… :slight_smile:

Seems to me that when set up time was at 1 hour and stacked sweep time was what 6 minutes? While still a wholly unbalanced affair, at least the time to set up was low enough that attempting to keep minefields up/replacing them was possible while battling sweeper fleets. Now i suspect it’ll be such that you essentially have a half hour or so barrier at best as trying to relay mines at 8 and 4 hours a pop is ludicrous to say the least.

Nice little deterent for someone not actively warring with their neighbor, but not looking to be of much use other then that. We shall see.