Crashes since v126 update

Since the last update (v126), I’ve been experiencing regular crashes-to-desktop.
The first crash occured while editing a ship design.

Since the at first crash, I now experience crashes-to-desktop every time I double-click on one of my star systems, and before it manages to finish zooming into it.

I attempted to upload the crash logs here, but it seems that new users aren’t permitted to upload files. (Let me know if there is somewhere I should send the logs if you’re interested)


Hi, if you could email those logs to that would be great, thanks.

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Yup, I too have had issues since that patch… yes, Joe, I sent you the logs lol… help@

Hi, have the recent changes we made helped or are you still experiencing this?

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The server changes you’ve implemented seem to have completely resolved the problems for me.

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