Covenant of the Phoenix - COTP


Replied to your message…


after playing for a few days and getting to know a few of you on chat i would like to join your alliance as well


Sending you a private message


Im interested. A few questions beforehand. Are you an Alliance just in this game? How do you handle activity ingame (If your alliance is spread over Multi games how does activity handle then?)


We actually have a larger group on a separate Discord with which you could get access to other games. Most of the people who play with us in Outscape are just Outscape members.

Well we have neighborhoods and regions in game where members can coordinate with other members for defense, offensive, or other activities (like testing).

I am not sure I understand part of your last question, do you mean multiple servers in this game, or just multiple games in general.

If its the first, we are going to be primarily focused on a Perma server/long term server. If its the second COTP main had a huge system for promoting individuals that serve as the heads of different Chapter for each game. I am the head for Outscape.