Covenant of the Phoenix - COTP


Fellow Colonists, Rulers, and Warlords,

Covenant of the Phoenix has a long tradition in MMOs since the mid to late 90s, this Chapter of COTP has been represented since Alpha 1. We strive to be all inclusive, meaning that anyone of any gender, religion, nationality, orientation, philosophy, race, or culture are invited to participate. When it comes to play styles, we are also inclusive, because we recognize a need for every type of player in an organization. If you are a trader, diplomat, transporter, farmer, warrior, or into espionage you have a place with COTP. We are also accepting any race, as we realize that each of the 5 races for Beta will have their pros and cons.

COTP within Outscape is looking to establish an organization that has the respect of the server, that participates on both a macro and micro political scale, and plans on protecting large swathes of territory. We believe in protecting those that need protection, we believe in teaching others how to play the game, we believe in defending our own, but we will also be expanding, exploring, exploiting, and exterminating (for those that don’t know, this means we are heavily into all facets of 4X type games, like this one).

This COTP chapter is led by a council of nine members, representing 5 main categories of play that we have determined, as well as representatives to our members based on their time zones, and a single leader. When you join COTP you will be given more information about our organization, such as our charter, rules, and discord information. Eventually you will be placed into one of our departments based on how you want to play the game, giving you total support. Last, you will have special access to those in your general area in game for assistance, trading, and other types of support.

If you are interested in an organization with a long tradition, if you are interested in exploring all facets of the game, if you are interested in specializing into a single niche or even playing more general, this could be the coalition for you.

Please PM me here on the forums if you are interested, you must have Discord to participate.


How many total members does COTP have at present?


We have a rather healthy organization, as we were the largest in both Alpha 1 and Alpha 2, however right now this question would be giving away too much information. I am not sure if you are aware, but there are several large organizations doing deep dives and looking for information on the competition. So any questions about numbers, strategies, certain plans, or anything that will give away tactical awareness I won’t be answering, but feel free to ask anything else.


Personal statement

I have been in COTP for a several months now, COTP being my second alliance.

I can honestly say that since joining COTP my enjoyment of the game has increased tremendously. I would describe COTP as professional, organised, supportive, open and fun.

You know what you’re getting into before you join, you know everyone has your back and no one is left blindsided to any problems that are brewing.

If you want somewhere to gang up on someone without good reason, want no decent guideline on how you should behave, want to do whatever you want to even without regard to your own team members then I would certainly say this is not the alliance for you.

However, if you want a place where new ideas are explored and analysed, innovations have a place to be born and develop, skills are grown and friendships created then this may be the place for you.



That’s fine I understand, I saw someone asking about the 9 council members in discord thinking that was a lot and wondered, so I thought I’d ask the two alliances who had posted the question to see the answer I would receive.


Without delving into too many details I will say that there’s always someone online. Even if it’s just me. There’s also always someone looking to play something together.

I used to be a leader of a community that started as a WoW guild and migrated into Minecraft, RIFT, EVE, COD and various other games, and since we shut down and went our separate ways back in 2013, I’ve been very much missing the community aspect. That group of people wanting to play games together.

That is COTP. Here I am welcomed and feel that sense of community that I’ve been missing since 2013.

COTP is highly organized, with a clear hierarchical structure that is easy to understand. The council are approachable unlike some communities I’ve been in in the past. All in all, is a friendly group that has made myself and many others feel included.



Sounds great! But don’t know the date of beta?


That is a question best for the development team.


So where can i sign up? :smiley:


Send me PM here on the forums :slight_smile:


I’m not sure whether you can answer this, but i’ll ask anyways. How come you are already recruiting without knowing any information of where someone will be in the galaxy? Doesn’t that lead to a wide spread alliance, will all the disadvantages that come with that?

Or is COTP more of a general group instead of a alliance within the game?


A couple of things, even if we end up spread out, that doesn’t mean we can’t help each other. Some of us have traveled WEEKS in game to help support other members. Distance doesn’t matter to us, even after we start we will be recruiting people from all over the galaxy. We look for quality players, and we will support them however we can.

We do have enough information, to roughly know where we might end up, or at least the pattern in which we will be placed, so that will help us a bit. However, this is just Beta, this isn’t the live launch servers. During LIVE they plan on allowing us to be able to choose more closely where we will start. LIVE is going to be much more important over all vs Beta, because that will be the Perma server against a full server of people.

COTP is a large organization, and we will be made up of several coalitions led by different council members and ranking members. So if I said we had 100 people, most likely we would have 5 or 10 different coalitions (devs have always said it will be a smaller number so 10-20 per Coalition) within the greater alliance.

Known positioning in Beta?

Where do i sign up @Cheatle?


That’s cool where can o join ?


Message me here or on Discord.


Cool been ok. I might


If anyone is interested we are recruiting newbies and vets alike!


Un-official theme song? lol


I’d like to try it with your alliance.


Sent you a private message