Course changes for target take too long

It takes entirely too long, once you have locked on to a target, when the target changes course to correct the intercept point. It’s currently taking at least 2 minutes to register, this is unacceptable.


Thanks for reporting, I reproduced this today and have created a bug for it, the devs will be taking a look soon.

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The granularity of interceptions has been an issue pretty much always… I sent a video to mel in April. the ships navigate to the place where they were when you targetted them even passing through them on the way… somehow it needs to instigate the battle even if you get fairly close once you’ve targetted a fleet.

The delay for course changes is still taking well over a min this is unacceptable and makes it near impossible to catch an opponent when they are aware you are sending on them.

I’m not going to sit here for an hour zig zagging in an attempt to catch this person. Fix the problem.

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This is a big issue. I sent a cloaked fleet to intercept an enemy fleet and had to leave keaybord. When I came back I found my fleet still pursuing the enemy fleet and another of my fleets destroyed. It makes impossible to intercept a fleet with another of similar warp speed if the person is in command, and that takes to what have been said about corvettes and sweeping at W9.