Couple quick questions

So is it just me or is it REALLLLLLY difficult to see the color difference on the fuel gauge which indicates how much fuel will be consumed on a trip once under way? I’m hoping we’ll get a better indication of trip time and fuel consumption PRIOR to getting underway.

Also wanting to verify, i have no neigbhors to test with yet, that when you start setting up a minefield the MINEFIELD shows up on the map during the hour it’s being set up? I don’t care if the ship can’t be cloaked while setting a mine field. FIgure could be in orbit of a planet to buy a little time for them to find the ship if someone is close enough to interfere.

Not exactly sure of your minefield question, but as you are laying mines or in the vicinity of someone else laying mines with a mine detector or sweeper, you can see the mines as they are being disbursed but not active as yet. Once the hour is past the mines become an active minefield, not while being disbursed.

vicinity as in inner circle where you can normally detect mines, so nothing “SPECIAL” they just show up as an active minefield would? I have no experience, not having any folks to set mines up…yet…

No they show up as red balls flying through the air from the minelayer which will land and become the minefield and you can detect them only in sensor range and they will show in the approximate area of where the minefield will eventually be active. They aren’t obvious if you aren’t in close looking until they are active.

Interesting. Good to know. Once i run into some real active folks, i’ll have to keep my eyes open for it. Now that i suspect i’ve potentially got active folks almost kinda sorta maybe, but not really, in my neighborhood i’m gonna start popping minefields like they’re candy. Just because i can. Have lotta fleets to fill up and now have the motivation to fill them out with combat fleets.