COTP's master plan revealed

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The Empires last line of defense?

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I’m sure they have a bit more than ewoks and domesticated rabbits. I hope. I mean their coalition h as like 80 players and some are decent. I’m sure we’ve got a couple of Deathstars to take down.

Luckily…the blueprints. :wink:

We aren’t fighting BORG.

We are currently fighting Black Sails and HOTA, as well as some smaller groups that Rae gave all his points to.

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Also, our master plan, is to control a sector of space, when sectors are in game. Which we have been pretty open about.

Let’s try to understand the mindset of someone who is seemingly desperate to portray CotP and Borg in conflict with each other, yet practically guaranteed the opposite by funding AncientOne.


Shut up, Wesley!


@AncientOne went inactive the minute i pressed the abandon button! Such tough opponents you have to defeat!

Yup… better luck with your little schemes next time, I guess.


If I could report this entire post I would. There’s a few decent points,but I find it mostly disrespectful @joe

Some people need to read the Code of Conduct again!

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Quick question from a super new player. Is this all going down on Main 1 or has it spilled over into Main 2? Do I even need to worry about all this drama?

Nope, some people need to grow up and quit trolling.

Well yes I know I can probably avoid it on either server but are all the groups involved in the galaxy wide war present if I go to main 2?

This is trolling by a very few amount of people, you really don’t have to worry about it.


There are wars, but no galaxy wide.

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There is some wars going on yes. I am personally anti-CoTP, but that doesn’t mean we can’t treat one another with some respect whether we are fighting or not. This is mostly being done by a very few people and @joe needs to remind them of the community standards.

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I think Main1 is mostly dead at this point. I do see movers on the scoreboards but it seems like it’s mainly ones-and-twos and not big shifts. I actually assume most of the warfare points on Main1 now are from people driving around blowing up AFK fleets rather than real wars but someone could feel free to chime in with a Main1 news update.

All this is in Main2. I have no idea what goes on in Skirmish.

(lol, Trade Federation… Teeo assures us the blockade-a is-a perfectly legal!)

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Idk that I would call this flaming or harassing. To me, it sits on the line between amusing and silly. I moved the post to a more appropriate area of the forums.

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its so legal! but dont anger the strong ones!!!

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Why does this thread seem to bother you more than anyone? Lol

Not the thread specifically, but certain posts by a certain troll. I didn’t say anything until he started disrespecting players with his posts. The respectful ones I have no issue with, he should have left them at that. Read community standards or do I need to post it here?

Personally, I think it shows the opposition in a very very bad light. You are helping CoTP though you don’t know it. For the most part they respond respectfully to the crap that you people post.

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