Corvette and crashing server


Yesterday I used cloaked corvette to get informormation from one of the planet in system Blaskon 3. That planet is a former HW of player who reset.

Firsly I try to scout it without stoping my corvette. While moving when fleet was in orbit of that planet I changed the destination point outside the planet to other one. When I did it I were disconnected game client closed.
After logging in back I find that didn’t get the intel about that planets. So I did the same thin againg and was disconnected again. Then I did it third time and was disconnected third time.
Finally I decided to order destination point for this cloaked corvette inside orbit of that planet. When ship reaches the place I was disconnected.
Since then every time I try to enter skirmish I’m have disconnetion. And I guess server crashing at the same time.

So I’m going to log in every 20-50 minutes untill u fix the problem.

P.S.IDK What that was, Now everything normal.