Corruption Redux

What victory condition? I wasn’t aware of one in the pre-beta galaxy.

Pepe won the skirmish galaxy by cheating heavily. He was caught and reported over and over, and then continued his ways right into the pre-beta galaxy. And he’s so far ahead this time, again, that any fixes they make won’t change his position.

But, to their credit, they are fixing some of the things he’s been abusing, so there’s that.

300 planets is comical, given the a3 corruption settings capped most people around 25, and the current pre-beta ones get painful around 40? 45? I’m not sure, I only started up recently. As I said in my first response, Siofra hasn’t encountered corruption on the proper scale yet, they will soon enough.

Players have been presenting ideas on this subject since forever. The devs are at least listening, if not telling us what they think about it. Nothing wrong with giving them more ideas to consider.

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In a nutshell : THIS!

All we can do is chew stuff over. Hopefully the DEVS will pick out some of our ideas that they can integrate into the games framework.

For the record @Pepelekus & I never have worked together. No I don’t share the rabid dislike of him that some seem to but that snot the same thing as being allies as I think he’d agree.

Fact was I had discovered a little something and I believe one of my fleets gave him one of the very few bloody noses he got during his skirmish rampage, nothing more.

The scary thing about this test has always been how one person may have an idea or discover a borderline case and we then see the game fragment as they test that possible loophole.

But that I submit IS Alpha testing. The line is once you find a possible exploit/bug do you report it? If so then there’s no foul until the Devs tell you stahp! or Patch it then all you have is discovered the new Mega Meta.

The OP here has a fresh eye on the subject and while Teeo is probably right he hasn’t plumbed its full depths yet, I am glad for their insights. Besides if the Devs see new players roughly repeating stuff we’ve already said they might get the hint sooner :wink:


I agree with everything you have said, I am only trying to widen the view of the community to also ponder what corruption does to as to not upset several other game processes that do currently work. As should be evident, a highly active player still has a significant advantage over a less active player and if removing corruption was part of the step to solve that issue to, id love to hear it, but I have heard too many times someone state they can’t afford someting right now so they will just put it on a credit card which makes me ask if they can afford it when the payment comes due. Far too many times I have heard, “I’ll worry about that next month.”

I thought I was clear enough, but I guess I wasn’t, it was indeed just a joke. I do not believe anyone thought the 2 of you worked toegther and I will amend my original post to make it more clear. My sincere apologies.

As far as pepe cheating goes, I wrote a novel on it and see no reason to add to it.

You’re entitled to your opinion, just as I’m allowed to disagree with it. One of the more egregious exploits that Pepe abused the hell out of this round was just fixed. Without getting into the details, it gave him a massive advantage that he will enjoy until the end of this round.

Thankfully I’m nowhere near him, so everyone who is can decide whether he was cheating or not. I’ll just continue to voice my opinion on the forums, and in-game when appropriate.

I think that’s how it’s supposed to work now and the tweak to invasion times in the patch may help with that.

What happened last week:

  • I show up with 200k troops and take your planet in about 2 hours. Then maybe I trash the place for cash.

What should happen:

  • I show up with 200k troops and the invasion takes so long that you have a full day to try and run me off and drop additional troops that will help you counter my invasion. My troops kill a lot of your dudes but you save the planet.

Slower invasion times may give a lot more back-and-forth action rather than just “I showed up and took your stuff”. Maybe they should even be slower still… and I do wish bombardment was more of a day 1 option, or at least an option that starts with the first frigate. Maybe with an “energy weapon” version that does very little building damage but is good for killing civilian populations. This would give us a way to stage attacks that hurt you but don’t necessarily result in my having all your planets and the fruits thereof.

Already in game my friend: here POP Damage but no buildings. Still needs to be balanced but there in principle :slight_smile:

Oh yes I saw the invasion time had got right up A good first step sure IF (and we do not actually know this) that troops added after the invasion would skew the odds. I’ve played a few games where it instantly calculated the success and then just took hours to tell you. Hopefully this is better built! But I don’t Know yet.

The extended time fro me is fine. It just makes the screaming seconds a Full fleet battle takes even more damn silly! However as pretty much every argument we can use for stretching out Planetary battles to my mind applies there as well.

But as ever I am now ludicrously OFF topic and shall shut up for a bit!

Actually this statement is not correct.
I overtake quite aa number of same race players: First was Happyworld, but he click reset before I takes his cats. Luckly other players didn’t same cheating move and gladly benefit me with a lot of population 1)Gunter_Huldan 2) Dantoys 3) SlayMoreDragons 4)COINOPS 5)and the last one was Zathabar. Hm… Rampage!

After eating ZZath I was too bored to continue playing so I decided to finish it and since I had about 80k-85k scores and all did to get 100k from that is to spent all my beron on planets to queue unnessasary buildings (which still giving scores)

To compare. Now I’m playing comparebly piecefull development and don’t even eat one Ripchee planet to increasy my population true military action. And still I had the same 80k-85k scores at the end of month (I can make 100k right now but it will cripple future plans so obviously I will not do such a thing)

And don’t forget this time around evo had only x5 growth rate. So u can see how great city centers are atm

The player above is of course pure and has never secumbed to any exploitation and cheating…

For those that are new… thats sarcasm for you!!!



I am not sure how many planets you have, but about 40 ECs at T2 is around 140k beron, and 72k credits. This gives you a +8, if you are Organic you start with a +1, giving you a 9. This is enough to battle 100% taxes, massive infrastructure and like 40 planets.

This is roughly 136k personnel between all of the man power for the buildings and supporting power plants.

If all of these are eventually upgraded, that is another 4 points…which helps battle deepmining, and probably gives you some extra.

Corruption this time around, is heavily softened, compared to A3. Where I had a -3 at around 25 planets. Here, I have around a -1 at 25 planets.

So second, this game isn’t meant to a game where a single person dominates all others. There are roughly 700 planets every 100 LY sectors, for this galaxy that is around 70,000 planets…You are never going to be able to dominate that and control that on your own.

I understand what you mean, by there not being much of a reason to play after a certain point though.

  1. We have suggested this before.
  2. We have suggested this before.
  3. We have suggested this before.
  4. We have suggested this before.
  5. We have suggested this before.
  6. We have suggested this before.

I didn’t write that to be an asshole, but to highlight the fact that all of these ideas have been put forward before, and they weren’t even considered.


DecidE, Ikke, and myself already posted a massive sprawling idea about how to fix the corruption system, as well as implementing a way for people to wanting to fight each other, with this very idea.


yeah man all of these were heavily suggested, remember that crazy ass long post between DecidE, Ikke, and myself? Where we were posting pages and pages at each other? lol


Yep we have suggested all of that as well.

In general, everything in here has had entire threads dedicated to it, for them to do, and they still choose to use this particular method of corruption. I will make another post explaining the idea that got fleshed out, that tackles A LOT of what everyone in here has been discussing.


We know it. I just hope the new players that post these ideas (again) are not put off by statements like that. Not your fault if they are mind you, IDA gotta carry that one for not either publicly considering the ideas and or communicating why not at this time.

And yeah I really Really REALLY do appreciate how limited their time is and how small the team is but still you gotta give us something please!

I didn’t write this they did:

We have three important community tenets which govern the way in which we work:

  1. Respect the Community .
  2. Value Community feedback .
  3. Build for the Community , not yourself, not another group of players you can’t identify.

Full article here:

Without some more roadmap posts I’m not feeling this especially point 3. Anyone else?

I am going to make another post that will be updated based on the current state of the game. It will include a lot of what was talked about here, what was talked about other places, and really just try and make a comprehensive system/post.

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Please if you do emphasise We (I) acknowledge that fact that 6% or so of us are forum blowhards and talk a disproportionate amount.
But hey! We all try and get the newer folks to post and some have this Galaxy which is excellent!

The whole point is in many cases the new folks ARE saying similar stuff to what the old guard has for Years…

Yeah, A post that mirrors what we’ve said before illustrates that we are almost all on the same page. Its pretty onerous to read the whole forum, so to post duplicates is fine by me… Sometimes it opens up the debate to new people and likewise pointing out we’ve been here before is again good feedback to the new players that we’ve been guideing and nurturing this game for a long time.

As per my take on where we are… I think very little will change from now. We’ve had a softening of limitations but this thing is baked in hard now, further softening driven by technology after live launch would be the way forward. along the lines of T4+ happiness centres (both organic and syntis) and syntis hard cap research.

I would prefer :-

alliance features - membership, wormholes, shared view

a hard rethink on battle strategy - it cant just be cloak approach vector and toe to toe… we need real weapon distance mechanics, per ship battle movement orders (ships can have thrusters to move faster) so that melee ships move in, artillery move back or out, utility ships move out of range… movement weakens splash damage effectiveness over time other group actions have bonuses… so grouped ships get +10-20% damage against a single target…

minefields - a rethink on deployment times… I feel in my gut (not actually playing much this iteration) that we have changes the game a lot here… 1 hour deployment was so riduculously fun… as well as ridiculous… so think about deployment % per hour… so after each hour you have +12% deployment (density)

I totally get that corruption is a thing still but I would prefer those 3 things done now… empire building works to a degree and its time to move on… or we will be here late 2020 still in alpha…


This is the idea that I came up with, with the the help of a lot of others, it incorporates several ideas mentioned here already, as well as other ideas.

EDIT: About 80% of the original idea was posted in another thread half a year ago or more, I took it, and updated it a bit to what we currently have in terms of mechanics.

We all talking about corruption again? Didn’t you organics already get a break in PB?


Glad I’m not dealing with it anymore. Chose Syntis this time. But I do understand it is better now.

No its not better it just has the goal posts moved up 10 planets or so, so all the problems we have stated happen a bit later.

If anything its slightly worse as you build up more of a head of speed before slamming into the corruption wall. Those of us that knew it was coming were usually prepared but I think it came a s a shock to some new players judging from chat in game etc.

So while it doesn’t bother me over much as I was prepared, I think it made the new player experience slightly worse. The O.P. take on it was so good and highlighted so much of whats been objected to before (along with similar ways of fixing the issue) it made me want to cheer as it proves the faults in the system are so obvious to everyone except those that dreamt it up…

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I think we really need the advisors I spoke about in a lost thread someplace. Originally I was thinking we wouldnt need them for a while, but now… Maybe before the official launch?

How can going from starting corruption a 14 planets be worse than 6 planets? You make no sense at all. You organics just don’t want any competition from the superior race like ours. Get a life.

if you really cant see my point you need an upgrade.