Connection issues?

I’ve seen a couple of reports where players are unable to enter the galaxy because of connection issues. They get a diconnected error message while waiting for the galaxy to load (but may eventually be able to enter the galaxy after trying a few times).

If you are having issues connecting to the game or logging in please let me know. If you can PM me your game log file we might be able to see what’s going on from that:


I experienced severe issues logging in on Alpha 2 when I had over 16K fleets on my older I7… eventually the client times out somewhere between 30 and 45 seconds… I didnt time out with an i9.

Those with issues might report the time taken for the error message to appear after selecting the galaxy.

Can`t log in says 0 public games been trying for weeks now

All servers are closed to new players as well as players who lost their planets or reset. Should be a new server starting at some point in the not so distant future.

Huh? They only had to closed the current Galaxy last Tuesday coz of a sizing error. You shoulda been able to get in before then?!

The plan is that they will open second Galaxy to run alongside the Original Pre Beta effort, so hold the faith my friend! Subscribe tot he Facebork page maybe that usually sends alerts for announcements and similar?