Compare and Contrast

Like many, we have all be experimenting with Dual PoP exploit.

I’m starting a this thread, so that those who wish to see this changed, can provide info for comparison and information for the developers to see the range of what is possible.

I’m still in the process of collecting the information I have.

I will start with the healthy natural minor pop faction.

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I’m sure no one used the friend code exploit to dual pop…

dual pop


that planet has just tier 1 buildings and can probably go up to 200k credits / h

dont see the reason to take a second main species on any planet…

An evo colony with a ton of depositors isn’t a exploit and is something that I have done a few times now. lol

so you want to remove the whole double pop mechanic because some abuse friendinvite?

I’m not doing it at all on main1 that’s on the pre beta server. But enlighten everyone as to whats right? That I didn’t make it a pure credit farm? That I didn’t have a organic player bypass the syntis tech limitations? Many ways to exploit this and I like to pass on using them.

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why are you building t2 depositors? o0

Because of the bonus it gives…

but its just 71… build like 200 t1 depositors first?

I believe that should answer the question? I see 100 force spawners in there, for starters.

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That was on the pre beta server 6 months ago. Was maxing out the workforce at the time with other builds.

Im confused, whats the point of the thread? To show large fully grown worlds are strong?

I think its fairly clear most people agree something should be done. Some say it should just be removed and/or a single max pop be added to planets. Which i understand, but would need to be done on a new server. Others say dual pop is fine, but we need a way to move pop around, so everyone can benefit. Then there is the more drastic opinion of adding planet bios where each race lives in one section of the planet, which solves the fluff issue. Though it still needs a way to move pop around.

Not sure why people like calling it a exploit? I get some people dont like it, but it seems clearly intended to have 2 pops on a planet


Here is the thread discussing Dual Pop: Dual Population Planets

@joe briefly talks about how the current implementation isn’t how they wished it to be and just haven’t gotten around to fixing it.

In a nutshell, players can work together to avoid tech upgraded needed by solo players and exploit dual pops.

The point of this thread, is to get the player base, who wishes to get this fixed. To supply information on planets, that have dual pops. Minor and Major factions, with a mix of regular planets. So the developers can see, what actually is possible.

Across the game. The wider scope we can get, allows them to see how different players have used the current game and what and how they have built. Allowing them focussed access to information, so they can have a better idea on how to move forwards.

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I think the exploit happens when you have 2 players work together. Let’s say I’m Syntis and you are human. I take a world and fill it with Syntis farms and give it to you, you take one and fill it with human farms and give it to me. We both now have planets that can be built up to support maximum population for both races with no bio farms, completely bypassing that tech in the tree (and the cost of building them).


i don’t think it is an exploit, you have the same result if you capture a fully developed planet from enemy. Or do you say capture a fully developed planet is an exploit too?

yeah its such nonsense to call it an exploit…

It’s not capturing, they are bypassing the need for biofarms by building their farms then giving it to someone else. It bypasses some faction restrictions, like Syntis pop isn’t supposed to be able to use biofarms so the other guy builds lots of syntis controllers first then gives the planet to the other guy. An invasion will 1- risk having some of the syntis controllers destroyed and 2- an attacker CANNOT build syntis controllers/farms but a “collaborator” can arrange for it that the other person gets a max syntis population.

Then there is the Syntis fleet cap bypass where other race’s mission control centers given to Syntis players give them the ability to go way above their research fleet cap.

Dual popping can be used to bypass some of the restrictions on the races, so Syntis gets more fleet than normal, other races can get full pop without the use of biofarms early in the game.

Sure, but that isnt dual pop being an exploit, so calling it the dual pop exploit is just misleading. It’s people multi race buildings, which the devs have said is an exploit (or at least joe) in the case of Syntis getting fleet cap from other races.(which ironically Syntis cant compete with out the exploit)

Also fairly sure the devs know exactly what people can do with dual pop. Its not hard to figure out how many pops 1 planet can have, and calculate how many buildings that supports. (my understanding is they keep lowering the max pop every server, so in the past it was even higher with out dual pop)

It’s an exploit in the sense that 1- It was not intended and 2- it gives the person using it an advantage over one that does not.

Note. Exploit and cheat are 2 different things. We said it was an exploit (i.e someone makes use of it for advantage, exploiting), we did not say it was a cheat, which would be ridiculous since there really isn’t any rule that disallows it.

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Could you share where Joe said intentionally adding multi races to planets is an exploit. I don’t recall seeing him saying that.