Command ships and fleet control modules


With ship tiers it seems common that the higher a ship, the bigger it is, the larger the fleet radius, and the higher the flagship value.

What I would like to propose is a new class of ship referred to as a command ship. These would be smaller, and with less weapons than the battleship/dreads/cruisers. However, they should have a larger fleet radius, and a really high flagship value.

Additionally, the command ship should have a fleet control module slot that adds a fleet bonus (only when the command ship is the flagship). The bonus could be an increase to shields, armor, dps, fuel efficiency, ammo consumption, etc. Basically the module would give a specialized bonus to the fleet, perhaps even with racial specialized versions.

To make things even more interesting, the command ship should be unique, so people don’t just build one for every fleet. It would also be awesome if the destruction of the command ship could somehow debuff the fleet, but I’m not sure if there’s a good mechanic for something like that.


Aren’t dreadnaughts one per fleet? Or is that outdated?

At any rate, I agree some sort of fleet flavoring mechanism needs to accompany it. Though to make it a thing of choice, I’d like it if it wasn’t a ship design choice but an in-game choice. I.e. you can switch between doctrines / mission parameters giving bonusses and associated debuffs, maybe at a cost or cooldown.

For example, a “move fast-command” mission might give it better (warp) speed, but cost more fuel and it loses the ability to face attacking fleets.
a “radio silence” command might be fun, giving any fleet the ability to have stealth for a greatly reduced speed, and you lose the ability to give different order untill the current command is done.
Maybe even add a few single-use commands/doctrines like a “finest hour” which give very good bonusses, but you can’t always have a finest hour.

One can think of things that give the player multiple ways to use the same game object.


I’m hoping if/when we introduce agents and crew they’ll fill this role. Require them to rank up via experience and training. Maybe afford agents personalized ships that grow new buildable options as they rank up.

Also it’d be nice to have the seedship and player entity ‘appear’ in-game with mighty buffs at mighty risk to damage or injury. That tempts a very old argument though lol