Colony management

The colony management situation at present isn’t as efficient as it should be.
1. Taxed population : As far as taxes produced by a colony this should be from workforce only not entire population.
2. Under manned infrastructure : Which is caused if a population falls under unemployment situation. To properly implement this idea. You would have to have a way for the player to be able distribute his workforce to the different infrastructure.
Under Manned Mines and power plant : There output % amount would be effected depending on the workforce % amount allocated to that infrastructure.
Under Manned ODS : would lead to the ODS firing rate to be effected. So depending on the workforce % would actually take longer to firing depending on the workforce %.
Under manned Scanners : would lead to deficiency in its actual sensor range.
Under manned population infrastructure : Would lead to the supported population number to drop depending on the % rate of the workforce allocated to the infrastructure.

So you kind of now starting to get the picture behind the idea to proper colony management. As this situation should effect every building that is associated to workforce levels.

This would lead to players actually having to manage colonies far better then the current situation. This would mean you wouldn’t have to completely get rid of exploit’s but rather make exploits being used within managing colonies to the point where if left for long periods of time would cause a major failure in the colonies management and should reflect so within the colonies stat somehow.