Colonizer not vanishing after colonization

So, i just colonized in a different system for the first time and i was surprised my colonizer is still there, in the orbit of the new planet that is now colonized, working as intened and unloaded the citizens there too, is that known?

Not that I’m aware of, are you sure it was a single colonizer, not two in a fleet? Is it now empty of colonists?

yes as i was broke at that time^^ the colonists were gone too^^ (i mean i dont mind but… ya know)

Did you get the colonization video? Is the population on the planet?

yup, planet is working as intended, all 16k crew went there (400 died in the process before i built the land mass terraformer, my cats cant swim xD) and i got the notifcation + video^^

I’ve never heard of this happening before, thanks for reporting it.

If anyone else has seen this happen before please let me know, thanks.

i just realized after trying to use it that i can fly around with the ship still but i cant put minerals or citicens in there so i have to blow it up sadly^^

LOL So its a “ghost Ship” its function has been used but it wasnt deleted from your array of fleets hmm how funny!

So the question is IF you do recycle it do you get Resources back which would be slightly unfair though hardly a game breaking bug.

Also is it still taking up a Fleet Slot despite begin essentially useless now? That’s slightly more troubling to my mind.

i destroyed them
i realized the mistake might come from:
i had 2 colonizers merged to a fleet, one with more space for minerals and 1 with more space for citizens

both were unusable after colonization and just there, cant load people or minerals in them, cant colonize cause the colonizer module was gone so i had to destroy both…

Hmm oh well. But it occurred to me afterwards maybe if you had “Upgraded” them in a shipyard they would have become usable again? That woulda “repaired” the missing coloniser module I was thinking?

Seems a logical possibility. We’d need to see the original design @Purinpu if you still have it in your blueprint file. That would be helpful.

i tried to repair them but according to the game all was fine as it wouldnt let me “repair” them :v

and i dont have the blueprint sadly, one was : Small Engine, Citizenstorage, Colonizer Module, Radar
and the other one was: Small Engine, 2 Cargobays, Colonizer Module and Radar

i named them colonizermoreperso and colonizerdatass :stuck_out_tongue: