Colonizer Docked in Colony & donesn't move out

have sent Colonizer into safe mode - “Enter Orbit” into colony; … it entered, but something unusually - in center of colony, … so, now can’t recall it back, neither from System Overview, nor from Fleet Management - doesn’t move at all, … starting as trying 1 sec then gets in Idle mode & nothing, …
*need debug it out, into normal moveable space … as need it to make a colony … pffff… :confounded:

- choose it out of Fleet Management Window, while not possible start any manipulation by selecting it as other fleets in normal space, …

Thanks for letting us know, if the ship is still stuck I’ll get one of the devs to take a look. We’ve had a few reports of this but haven’t been able to find out the cause so far.

ok, … i do flying another one(colonizer) … :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
but 1st one is stuck concretely, … tried with fuel even, enabled/disabled warp … all same nothing help, … even watched it via radial menu “look at” … so, it’s possible watch it in close range, then it’s normal ship in colony overview, … but nothing possible do about … maybe need tow truck to pull it out … :yawning_face: