Colonization of 2 planets


Do I understand correctly that the second planet is better to colonize in another solar system, since in the native solar system there is only one planet with rich deposits of resources?


This is not a bad rule but in A3 the variations in each system are much wider.

I have a decent second planet in my Home but some have reported no such luck; so yes search for a Good world if you don’t have a second that you can get good pop growth with without modification in your home.


I was lucky to get another planet with good res, rich on 2 and medium on 2, so it depends on the player.


Found a planet with water inhabitants. Question-if this planet colonize this as will? Has anyone seen anything like this?


There’s only 3% of the land there. But it seems this issue can be resolved by terraforming?


Did no one not rebuffed? We’ll have to find out empirically. (


3% is a really low starting point Yarri you’ll need a LOT of stations :slight_smile: But please test it for us! Get to 20% and you’ll be minimal viable I’d guess


Yeah, I’ll be checking. To understand how valuable a resource these natives are. )


Yeah you can Colo that’s just use a low pop amount


I have no other planets to colonize in my home system, so I have no choice but to look elsewhere.