Well I created my first colony ship, but now after exploring a new star system in can’t reach the one planet which I wanted to colonize, do I need to research some new engines for my colony ship so it can reach that star system?

Odds are it just needs more fuel tanks to make the trip.

Also fuel is shared within a fleet so you can add range with a dedicated fuel hauler.


Thanx, will try adding another ship to the fleet with more fuel

Top right of command wheel. If that icon is dark, then you are traveling at unboosted warp and won’t need fuel. If icon is lighted, then you are traveling at boosted warp and need fuel.

Look at fleet when selected. Is there a big green circle around it? If so, you have fuel, lots of fuel. Is there like a half green circle or something like that? If so, you have like half a tank. If there’s no green circle, you have just about no fuel, so turn off boosted warp.

A ship doesn’t need fuel to use boosted warp - if there are other ships in the fleet that have fuel modules, the whole fleet will move at boosted warp until fuel is exhausted. Fuel is shared between ships in a fleet, even if one or more ships have no fuel modules. Just so long as at least one ship has a fuel module, you can travel at boosted warp.

If you just have one fuel module though, you’re not going to be able to get any distance.

Recommendation - build scouts with small energy weapons and loads of fuel modules, put one or two in a fleet with your colonizer, then all the ships can move at boosted warp. When you get where you’re going, refill on fuel, send scouts back (colonizer is consumed when it colonizes), pick up new colonizer, repeat.

Yes, it’s wasteful on fuel. But if you’re starting out, you’ll be choked for gold soon enough. You can probably afford to use up fuel. You probably can’t afford to use up gold.

If the surrounding area is stripped of surface resources and fuel, though, that’s another story. But you didn’t come here to read about optimization, you just wanted to know how to get your colonizer places, so there you go. Ask if more questions.

It’s very important to know that ships share fuel, they do not share ordinance.


Yeah, that IS super important. @odis good thing you brought it up.