Coalition for Civil Cat Protection [CCCP]

The Coalition for Civil Cat Protection is recruiting players within the eastern & southeastern coreward parts of the galaxy on Main. We’re a semi-casual, mid-size regional coalition of players.

What we are:

  • Laid back & civil
  • Primarily defensive
  • A source of stability for the galactic southeastern and eastern coreward powers
  • Newbie friendly. Most of us are learning Outscape together. Veterans are welcome as well - we could certainly use your guidance and support.

What we are not:

  • A super-huge 100+ member Alliance. Though we will form bonds with other Alliances to help in securing stability for our region.
  • Push-overs. If someone starts a fight with us, we will finish it decisively and aggressively.
  • Impulsive. If we do join or declare a war, we make the decision carefully and with our defensive credo in mind.
  • Ripchee-only. We accept all player factions, despite the name. :stuck_out_tongue:
  • A group for hardcore spy metagame players. Sneaking into other groups to gather information or sabotage them is an instant kick and we will work to oppose & undermine this kind of behavior.

Oh, and we have a Discord for out-of-game communication and generally hanging out.

PM me if you’re interested or post here if you have questions. Alternatively, hit me up on Discord: Icefox#3407. Diplomatic inquiries from other Alliances are also welcome, as we strive to maintain amicable relations with all Alliances on main - whether or not we end up adversaries.


Blatent BUMP!

Very nice little crew here (If you dont count me!) :rofl:

CCCP has been running into meta-game spying of late from a number of factions (though we’ve yet to have such a person in our ranks personally, thankfully). We would like to re-iterate what we’ve said on #fleet-recruitment on the Discord here on the forums for those of you who haven’t seen it: We are staunchly against meta-game infiltration of other alliances, and anyone caught joining other Alliances to spy will be swiftly banned from our group - no second chances. We also maintain a level of skepticism with any Alliance that engages in this kind of play. If you’re into this kind of play, we aren’t the group for you. If you particularly agree with our perspective here, we’re probably a group very much for you. One of our core objectives is to counter this kind of unhealthy play and keep it in games like EVE - not Outscape, and we very much encourage IDA to aggressively temp ban for this kind of behavior if absolute proof is provided to keep this game a healthy and happy gaming space for all. Though, for now, it’s understandable they do not. They have bigger fish to fry.

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Another bump… But how do I find out where I am in the galaxy compared to where you all are?

This is approximate of course but if your located someplace near here so are many of us :slight_smile:

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