Coalition Achievement Awards

I know this is premature, but I want to write it down before I forget lol.

I know we will have achievement awards for various aspects of the game coming sometime in the future. I know there were many being proposed, but I don’t recall if this specific one was among them.

As a leader of a coalition, it is important to recognize the contributions that your members make to the coalition and it’s success. It not only encourages them to continue to make significant contributions, it also encourages others to do so as well, so they can also receive some sort of recognition. As a result the entire “team” becomes better.

In a “past life” long long ago, in a pay to win game, I was able to do this for our team members through having the ability to “give” something somewhat valuable that would improve their ability to be competitive with others in the game. In many cases, because it was a “pay to win” environment, many of the players could not afford to do this for themselves. (no I didn’t do this all myself, there were several in leadership positions willing to “contribute” useful items for this purpose). As a result the “team” continued to improve, plus the individual player was able to be recognized for their contribution and receive something “valuable” as a reward.

Outscape is not “pay to win” (which I do love and will save me much $ lol), but there still needs to be a way for a leader to provide some sort of reward that can stoke the fire in people to want to continue to improve, both themselves in game as well as help to improve the success of their “team”.

I wish there was something available now, as there are several in our coalition I would award them to now.

So food for thought - keep this on the back burner please.

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Hmm nice idea. Is it too soon to be theorycrafting what we’d like to see in an in game coalition/alliance setting though?

I mean the DEVS must be working to a plan but some hints and tips of what would go down well with the player base isn’t unreasonable?

I think it was @Cheatle that said something about we’ll need an in game reputation system a while back. That’s a good one, even if its a simple as an Up vote :+1: Downvote :-1: sort of thing shown by a players name in profile. Maybe we could add to that an alliance rep or Merit point rating so alliance leaders can salute good work with a +1 there every so often?

What else could there be? An in house market or store house perhaps? Shared research maybe (difficult) lots of possibilities.

  • Faster travel between alliance members somehow
  • In alliance reputation
  • Name customisable Officer ranks with privileges
  • In alliance trading house
  • Group projects (Alliance dreadnought anyone!)
  • Daily/Weekly Alliance goal missions
  • Something else (Please list in a comment)

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I left the poll open as I am sure we all want all of the above, but whats everyone favourites?

I just wanted to write it down while I was thinking about it. In general, anything that affects a person’s or coalition’s reputation game wide has to be quantifiable, not subjective. That is all…lol

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I’m a fan of alliance specific projects/tasks. Having alliance owned stations/bases that are expanded by donated materials for alliance members, and with tech unlocked by pooled experience.

The other thing I really want to see is alliances build up the need for specialized roles. I really want to see more content around roles like explorer, trader, builder, scientist, etc. Right now we’re really just focused on alliance features for combat. Simple code to mark friends, and then set fleets/orbits to not attack friends doesn’t make an alliance, and neither does a chat room.

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The concept of reputation has been brought up a few times and originally i was thinking it would be too difficult to code, but after about 6 months of thought, i think there are some things that can be done and the alliance reputation can be the sum total of its players.

things like attack unarmed ships and bombarding civilians would be negative and honorable fights (relatively evenly matched) would be positive. there are a number of other things we could add but it wouldnt really fit well in this thread.

Also, i would like to see alliance members be able to join fleets into an armada for a very large battle. obviously this would be very much into the future but i’d like to see alliance bases with large numbers of fleets smashing into each other.

alliances also need automatic alert systems. when any player marked hostile can be seen entering one of their solar systems, an alert should be sent out even if its just to the officers.

I only voted for one for now…lol Might I suggest this be it’s “own” topic, so it isn’t lost. Excellent starting point (again and new based on life as it is “now” in Outscape). There was a ton of discussion on Trello, might be good to go back and review all the points there as well.

stfu i voted all of them as favorites o.O

I like the idea, as it would definitely encourage team work even more and keep the members engaged

As for faster travel (one of the votes) I think it’s set that one day we’ll get wormholes to travel between different parts of the galaxy “instantly”

And I’d love to someday see some form of co-op battles
Imagine in wars where you’d team up with several members to attack the enemies as one
2v2?.. 4v4?.. 10v10… 10 fleets fighting ten other fleets as one… I think that would be epic

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It will be nice at some point when IDA offers ship skins, etc that they could be offered to the alliance member’s players so they can easily be recognized when they are flying about.