Close Encounters of the Bug kind

So just saw a pretty thing: Not sure if just transient bug or what, but interesting no?

Interesting that the star Halo’s are still visible out of sensor range… That’s a reoccurring bug though I thought the Devs had put a stake through its heart this Galaxy?

Doubt it’s the case here, but a few times now when I have seen info outside of my radar it turns out I launched an upgraded ship with better view or updated a planets scanner. The game ends up needing a refresh to display the new larger radar circles.

I’ll reopen the original bug, thanks for posting it.

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Appreciate that Joe. Not big priority but just to provide a touch more info:

That was my long range scout just passing by those worlds. Its not had any upgrades after launch (Edge of Galaxy or Bust mission :slight_smile: ) I had been playing for some hours and it had cruised past those systems without stopping. When I went to check on progress before logging off I observed the colour halos were still present even though the star lables etc had gone.

Instead of logging off I restarted the client and they were gone. My conclusion a graphics buffer didn’t flush out properly someplace. Hope that helps.