City center exploits

I have made the suggestion multiple times that there should only be one per planet. I will suggest when you get around to fixing them(assuming anything gets fixed) you make it one per planet and set them up to be more like a government building.

That they work with no power and a workforce shortage is pretty bad. @joe


And than we add some cats to make Catcentration camp.

But this is actually nothing against the true game killing troubles:

  1. Manual fleet management for every fleet.
  2. Limit of 10 buildings to add in queque
  3. Inablity to select give orders for the large group of fleets in one go.
  4. Unsafe offline. There is no way to defend planets from be destroy by bombing (which also means there is also no way to safe ur fleets except stupid mass stockpiling all of alliance fleets in one orbit)

Untill this 4 critical issues are exist the game is unaccaptable and unplayable for normal healthy players. Only such a mad patients like we are can tolerate this.

  1. has needed a fix and is valid complaint.

  2. is only an issue for those exploiting 100’s of buildings. All buildings need a cap. No more then ten for most and one each of specialty ones.

  3. Debatable. Just because an order is given doesn’t mean it should happen to everything in the box.

  4. When you put nothing but city centers on a planet you really didn’t care about defense in the first place.

4points are not debatable. If u don’t understand why - u r bad gamer. No exeptions.

While talking about that stupid city centers. The greatest trouble of making such a planet is beron. U need a more than 30M of beron to achieve this 11M credit income as on the screenshot. This is impossible task in the early game. While lately when u have deepmining and great beron income u already will have great credit income from other sourses.

But such a planet is great thing if u wanna to bluff and make ur scores rise fast to fool some chiken souls. Such a planets weights about 350k points in GE lb. So when chekns see that scores they will think u have many many fleets even if u not and fears u. I test it on korvani and nizarious and in their case it works.

As I have said elsewhere all buildings need caps. No more then ten of anything per planet for most and the specialty ones limited to one per planet or even solar system. Then balance production rates and costs from there.

I could care less about the leaderboard. It’s meaningless right now as it’s easily abused to buff the score. Along with it also not reporting correctly on others.

I don’t speaking about how problem will be solved. I’m only put my finger and saying hey! hey! this is untolerable shit! do something with this fast!

I like how his defense of a broken mechanic that can literately cause a single planet to make infinite money is quality of life things need to be fixed first

where u see the defence? U sillies thinking and insisting on poit that this broken mechanic is about making money. But I anwer u that u don’t understand even a bit because it is not about making money but about making grand emperor leaderboard score because u will never have so much beron when u need a money and u will already have enough money when u will have so much beron. And when u have all this extra useless beron u can transform it into scores. All of it is broken shit. The point is that u guys see only the surface but I’m dig deeper and show what it exactly is in big picture.

There are many discussions to be had on the lack of balances in gameplay, many of which are only amplified through Andradite’s fast speed.

However there is no reason to discuss any of them without first addressing the fact that certain player(s) are knowingly, and intentionally, violating every game mechanic they can to cheat & exploit in clear violation of the terms of service without any consequence, and despite the fact that this has been reported & has gone on for years!

As Op mentions, there are multiple planets being used to generate hundreds of thousands of credits with no power or workforce.

There are multiple planets being loaded past max population that are being used to generate more resources than would be possible without cheating.

Almost every planet, including the ones above, are being loaded with hundreds of thousands of troops despite having 0 military bases since they won’t die off fast enough, as to be impossible to invade.

Planets are also being shared routinely between alternative accounts in order to go past the syntis planet capacity while building up an alt account with fully built up planets.

Fleets are literally being given away to alt accounts in order to bypass the Syntis max fleet capacity in order to field a larger army at any one time (102 Fleets in orbit split between both accounts).

And, perhaps worst of all, said player mentioned above is literally, in-game and on these very forums, bragging about exploiting the game, in no way trying to hide what’s being done, and if this follows the historical trend with this same player, there will be zero consequences! He has literally said, on these very forums, “When I will have enough (from my perspective) I will go to bomb everyone [in the galaxy]”. Players in andradite are literally being expected to compete with someone who is cheating, in clear and public violation of the ToS, and using those cheats to gain an insurmountable advantage.

The game isn’t balanced, it just isn’t. I have many things to say about game balance once I find the time, but there is literally no reason to discuss balance without first discussing how the games rules can be repeatedly broken without consequence by players whom have no intentions of reporting in these bugs and whom will literally go to these forums and brag about breaking the game once they are caught and there is community outrage!

There is quite literally no reason for anyone to play a game where exploiters reign supreme, players playing by the game mechanics are crushed, and the devs turn the other direction. The andradite galaxy, and future galaxies, can and will only be, a failure when the game at its fundamental core is being exploited by players to come out on top without any effort to punish them for knowing exploiting the game. Even if these exploits are fixed, as they need to be, the advantage gained during the time it took them to be fixed, ensures these players are able to crush any equivalent player solely because they cheated and knew they could get away with it.

PS: Watch me get name called and cussed at for this post just like I am in-game, in clear violation of the chat rules.


Pepe is THE player IDA are watching, if anyone can break the system its Pepe so “Well tested”…

Additionally he has been over populating for many servers, he must laughing so hard they havent fixed it…


This is all SO simple to prevent.

  • make it impossible to over populate PERIOD.
  • defense allowed was suppose to be double, double 0 is 0 turn them into civilians upon dropping to the planet, PERIOD and if it overpopulates the planet, only allow it to max population. PERIOD.
  • stop allowing anything to perform without power PERIOD
  • stop allowing any planet to perform any function if the labor shortage is beyond 30% PERIOD.

They are all simple fixes. Just do it.


The problem with over pop is that you can make them at say 10K per hour on 5 planets and then drop 50K and only lose 7K, if you’re of that mindset then you can keep that up and profit from it…

if you want to leave planets with unused pop that you can shift them around like a commodity then fine… but as soon as you hit your labour shortage, you just get base pop growth.

Over pop death rate should be to reduce pop to normal iin 24 hours… so 1M over pop is 41K an hour. So the benefit is reduced a lot.

Hmm on the power, yes I would say that low power should stop everything, I’m going to say not farms… and that is basically for sanity… imagine losing your food and suddenly you’re potentiially 1M or more over pop limiits… that could hurt…

What low power should mean is that say you are short power there should be a pecking order of what shuts down… so say thats shpyard, scanner, cargo, mines, defenses… same goes for under pop, if you are bombed you’re fine the mines shutting down but not your orbital defense…

low pop/power is all or nothing… it could be more granular…

excess troops should be troops but not workers and perform no work activities…

I disagree, all the solutions you give just continue to feed the exploits. If they aren’t ended, they will just continue.

@Pepelekus champ!

(Not sure you guys realise what Pepelekus does. Unless someone abuses massive imbalances that have been in the game for ages nothing will get changed. I prefer someone showing you guys all the massive problems than having to wait for a TM soon release version with all the stuff still in.)


I understand what you’re saying, but it would be helpful if he’d actually point out the exploits openly rather than allowing other players to find them. It doesn’t look good for him, and no he’s not a champ, he’s a chump for not being open about what he’s found. This isn’t the first time either. And sad to say, you’re no better… we know you openly exploit and have alts.


If only people who abused bugs and exploits in the game could be seen as heroes for exposing the massive problems of the game as they abused them to crush everyone else, every hacker and exploiter in history could just make the argument that they were performing a “public service for the greater good.”

Reality however, is far from this. Those that abuse them are typically banned and branded villains by the community, while those that report them in immediately and don’t abuse them, since they know it’s unintended, are viewed as heroes.

I don’t think it really needs to be explained which exactly is going on here lol.


He did post about it almost a year ago… nothing changed…

I don’t hack don’t use bots or any external programs. The IDA keeps making shit and thinking that it is ok. I’m burning because of it. The Outscape have certain potential and few good aspects but it dies under the deadly problems it have. Current Otscape version is a shit and I have no intentions to really play in it.

BTW u and niz, two chikens, explointing the worst issue of the game that gives bonues to spineless cowards - u atacking only when offline and run away with your tail between your legs when ppl online.

do you even know why there are alpha / beta tests?

Yes after he was caught doing the exploit. He was with us, in Destiny, at the time and I encouraged him to share and gave him the benefit of the doubt. He’s proven by performing more exploits to have not changed and that he did not intend to share that openly unless I had encouraged him to do so.