Christmas Offensive

I regret to have to inform my neighbors in skirmish 1 that I am forced to initiate a high-intensity / low-morality christmas offensive over the entirety of the holidays against them all.

I see myself forced to use this high-intensity / low-morality christmas approach to purge the space around my people’s republic realm of non-cooperating (as in non-submissive) life-forms.

Nonetheless, please enjoy the holidays. No hard feelings. My forces will drop some cakes and cookies alongside the bombs that need to be distributed on the homes of the … okay. i am starting to feel positively sick. this joke has gone too far. of course i will not attack anyone.
have some nice days, everyone.



SOMBODY gets its a GAME!


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I hit like before I’d finished reading. He’s not following through? Ha, had an old rival in GoF:A break into my system because he knew what time I would sing my kids to sleep. No hard feelings

On an old game i used to play on a similar theme to this we always used to “DROP” someone at xmas, used to be something to look forward to after xmas dinner

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